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3 faint positives then negative FRER! Please answer as I’m tempted to pee on all the tests 🙈

So frustrated! I had three faint positives over the last few days and then this morning the FRER was SOLID negative. Ugh! Trying to be patient as I’m a test addict so I’m here on the forums instead. This happened to me last month too and ended up being a chemical pregnancy. Has anyone else had this and still been pregnant? I need hope and experience stories! My cycle is very irregular but I’m around 8-13 DPO. Here are the tests...

Saturday (blue) Sunday (FRER)

NEGATIVE (this morning)


  • Awe I know this exact feeling :( I had a chemical two months ago too. 

    Because its so early, it’s possible today’s FMU was more diluted than the day before. I would stop drinking water before bed at like 7 pm and test in the morning again. 

    If its negative again, just remember it’s a good sign that you’re ABLE to get pregnant. I keep telling myself that and it keeps me going.
  • Am I going mad?? I’m getting negatives now. Surely they can’t all be evap lines???Co
  • Emma- all 4 of those look positive to me. I can see a Second line on them all.
  • Wait 2 days and test again with a FRER. it should be darker
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