Trying one last time!

Hi everyone!
This one is going to be a bit long winded.
So my partner and I decided around 6 months ago that we were going to ttc baby number 2!We tried and tried and nothing has come of it. We decided to put it on hold and focus on our wedding instead which is october next year. However, last night after a few too many we had unprotected sex and decided that since im in my fertile window we should try just once more.
Now, im desperate to fall pregnant, he really wants another baby before the wedding. We decided to stop after this so im not pregnant at the wedding and so if i did fall pregnant the baby wasnt super young at the wedding. We also decided we would try after if i didnt fall, but like i said we both want one before! Im currently CD 14, any tips or anything to help us fall this month? I know it all seems a bit too planned out but we are just like that!
Thank you!!
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