clear blue advanced ovulation kit - flashing smiley for 5 days


This is my first time using Clear Blue Advanced ovulation kit and have been getting flashing smileys (high fertility) for 5 days straight now. Does anybody experience this? 

This is my CD 18 and my cycle is usually 32-34 days. So technically I'm supposed to ovulate yesterday or today. but no static smiley yet (peak fertility) 

I also got my EWCM yesterday and today. (Posted pic as well. Warning: TMI). do you guys think i can safely assume this is egg white cervical mucus? 

I'm confused as to when do we get EWCM? RIGHT at ovulation or Before?

Thanks guys, hope that somebody can help me!


  • @ttcrealnewbie Hi! Jumping in on this post as I've just used the digital test for the first time. I had 3 days of flashing smiley then the 2 still peak days with EWCM on the first day of the still smiley. Do we ovulate on the still smiley days or are these the two days before ovulation? So confusing! Sorry I'm not much help!
  • You can have the flashing smiley for a while, when you get the solid smiley it means you should ovulate between 12 and 36 hours after that. The company's web page is great and they are really good at answering any questions you may have straight away, good luck!
  • Hey, Sorry i am not much help either but having this same issue. I have gotten 5 days of flashing smiley faces and feel like i should have already ovulated. What did your results end up being? Did you end up getting your solid smiley face? 

  • Hello, sorry for the delayed reply. Yes i did finally get the static smiley the next day. The next cycle i had 4 flashing smiley than a static one. Keep on testing! 
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