Ovulation Test Strips - Part 15



  • It’s the not knowing what’s going on that is so hard 😢 And not knowing whether to give up or not. It’s daft you have to wait so long to be seen. 
  • I’m desperately hoping the menopause stops my need for wanting babies 🤰🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ I still see pregnant ladies and I just want more & it’s a very strong urge that won’t go away! I thought the stress I’ve been through I’d be done but ohhhh no! Charlotte got to about 8 months & I was like yep more babies!! I’ve fallen twice & lost both 3 months apart so guessing it probably won’t happen. I’m 43 (just) so really am getting too old! I wish the urge subsided with age but nope! I think it’s worse actually because we are on a time frame!
    I want to sell all baby stuff as it’s like brand new ( I’m OCD clean 🤣) but I can’t bring myself to bite the bullet! I’m not ready for the menopause just yet I’m tegjlar as clockwork but I think it’s probably just around the corner lurking 😭 my mum suffered horribly with hot flushes can’t bare the thought! @MrsFish are u actually showing signs? So many ladies I know just have a wacky cycle but not menopausal 😘
    @Louise 111 hows things? Discussing things with hubby?

    @EmJ3  how’s your beautiful bubba? 
    Charlottes into everything 🤣 I let her loose outside yesterday in an all in one wet coat she loved it! Just got her first wellies only a size 3 little diddy feet 💗 she has t mastered the welly boot walk though 🤣
    love to u all xxx

  • @MrsFish it’s really difficult isn’t it. Are you having other menopausal symptoms? 

    @Louise 111  how are you doing? 

    @missmyangels I still have the urge for another baby too. I really thought it would go after Matilda but it’s not!🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I can’t actually fit any more babies in my house until we move!! We want to try and move next year but my clock is ticking too!! God knows. 

    Matilda is amazing- she is 6 months now! I go back to work next week and she goes into nursery full time!😬😬😬 I’m so nervous about leaving her but needs must- got to earn the pennies!! Haha!! Xxx
  • She’s absolutely  beautiful 💗💗💗
  • Gorgeous photos ladies xxx 
    I’m ok thanks emj. Just the same as you ladies with that never ending urge 😫 This time 14 years ago my waters were just about to break. So sad to think I won’t go through it again but so blessed to have what I have ❤️
    Matilda will be fine emj. It will be emotional but you will both be fine. Are you back on Monday? 
  • Yeah back on Monday! Just thought actually, she only starts nursery the week after! my hubby and my parents are looking after her for the first week so at least I’ll be a bit settled before I have to drop her at nursery. I know she’ll be fine- I just wish I could take her with me!! We’re like a little tag-team at the moment. 

    @Louise 111 you’re definitely already blessed. I bet it feels like yesterday that you were in labour- time just flies.

    you never know ladies, there might be another baby in us all- only time will tell.xx 
  • That’s great that you get a week to get back into the routine and great that Matilda has a week where she’s not with you all the time but still has familiar faces. 
    Yes you never know - we may all be writing in a ‘Due in ... ‘ group again but I can’t see it happening for me as much as I want it. I’m 44. I always said I’d try till my 45th birthday which is April. Still 2 more cycles I suppose! 
  • Hi All, always love seeing the photos of your beautiful girls, and seeing them develop 🥰

    Am’s is doing her usual being up during the middle of the night, she has been awake for 2 hours now, and is rushing around with her toys - there is little point trying to keep her in her cot, I end up watching crap on the telly and letting her get on with it, when she is ready she will come and get into bed and settle down again.

    Regarding symptoms, I don’t get any hot flushes, I do wake up on occasion warm during the night, but a bit more like I have left the heating in rather than drenched in sweat, but I have read only 50% of women suffer.  I do have really bad brain fog, and completely forget stuff.  That has been happening for a fair few years - at one stage I did secretly worry I had early Alzheimer’s! Inhave actually told my husband to bump me off if I get to the stage where I don’t have a clue who any of my family are any more - I don’t want him to have to sell the house to pay for care for me!! I have also recently put on weight that I can’t seem to shift- particularly round my middle and my sleep regime is just shocking, but it always has been, and Am’s is pretty bad with sleep too. Other things like vaginal dryness and loss of sex drive are also there, but have been for a while, so it’s hard to realise that actually they were probably early symptoms and I just didn’t know! I also am pretty sure I don’t Ovulate that often at all now, I can feel them pop out when they do, and certainly haven’t since I last fell last spring!! My periods are getting less and less regular now and I am frequently going months between them, so I am pretty sure it is menopause now and potentially not scarring which I thought it was a few months back. 

    i have friends in their later 40’s who are truly grieving the fact that they aren’t having any more children, I think the natural urge to reproduce gets stronger as we near the end of our productive years - Mother Nature has a lot to answer to!! 

    Am’s got head lice this week, it was bloomin awful! She literally screamed the place down during treatment, it was harrowing to see how distressed she was 😭
    Her speech is finally starting to come through, so are her temper tantrums! Her climbing skills are second to none, she is starting to climb book shelves etc 🙄
    we are on a waiting list for gymnastics and swimming lessons - it’s the days and times I want which are that bit harder to work around my work schedule.  I am desperately trying to keep her a girly girl, but I am losing the battle and starting to accept she is gonna be a Tom boy so may as well embrace it.  She does love her dollies tho!

  • @MrsFish head lice are soooo annoying. My son got them from nursery when he was about 3- it was a pain in the bum!! 

    Am is so gorgeous! How old is she now? 

    My cycles are a mess since having Matilda. They use to be really regular at 29 days but at the moment they’re about 35/36/37 days. Is this still from Matilda do you think? She’s 6 months old now but only had 3 afs. Hoping they just regulate again. 

    I agree- I think Mother Nature is a bitch!! Haha!! Definitely gives us that maternal urge as time goes on. I didn’t have the urge in my 20s even though I had Maizie at 23. The urge came in my 30s instead and is still there. I’ve just turned 39!

    @Louise 111 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the next 2 cycles.

    i hope everyone else is okay.xxx 
  • Got my smear test result through and it’s clear- thank god. Does anyone else get bad anxiety over things? I usually manage it well so most people don’t know. My family and close friends would definitely describe me as a worrier but that’s about it.

    anyway I’m now On a diet and determined to lose weight and get healthier for the summer. I need to lose loads though, 3 pregnancies in 2 years and being on steroids for a year have taken their toll!! 

    I hope everyone’s ok! Xxx
  • yesterday I collapsed in yoga, I had excruciating pain from a ruptured cyst. Not sure how I didn’t throw up, but had cold sweats and dizziness.  I’m ok, it lasted about an hour.  I have been to GP and also have a urine infection (don’t know if they are linked) So back on antibiotics and been referred for another scan.  Had to have a pg test to rule out eptopic as haven’t had a period again for 6+ weeks (other than one tiny spot of bright red).  Just feel I need to be cut a break with my Gynae stuff ☹️
  • That’s so frustrating @mrsfish! I definitely think you’re due a break!!! It’s one thing after the other! Hope you’re ok.
    Get you with your yoga too- I’m Very jealous!!!xxx
  • 2 years ago today, I gave birth to my sleeping baby boy Jacob. It still hurts like mad especially on days like this but I just wanted to thank the ladies that helped me through it! Thank you! 💖💖💖💖xxx
  • Thinking of you today @EmJ3 it never gets easier loadsa love and hugs 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕xxx
  •  I’m so sorry Emj. I really don’t know how you manage on days like this but like you say of course you have no choice. We are lucky to have each other to understand the pain. Be kind to yourself and let yourself grieve.
  • @EmJ3 I hope your Jacob’s anniversary passed smoothly for you.  Did you have to work? Sometimes the distraction helps I find......
    massive hugs to you sweetie, you are such an inspiration to us all xxxx
  • Thanks ladies. Yeah I was at work and I’m very similar, it helps to take my mind off it @MrsFish!
    @Louise 111 so glad we all have each other for the harder days.xx. 
  • It’s so hard @EmJ3 isn’t it 😢 I have my little precious box of memories & I have Oliver’s heart beat recorded just b4 things went wrong so so special ❤️❤️❤️
    It’s defo easier to stay busy but on the other hand never want to forget  the memories we have. My Oliver would have been 5 this coming April. Time flies doesn’t it?! Love & hugs to you & all of you ladies are always in my thoughts 😊😘
    we have an amazing group of friends on here 😊😊😊

  • Hi ladies,
    So after 2 years of ttc my second, i got this this morning. Am i imagining it or can anyone else see it too?
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