Ovulation Test Strips - Part 15



  • I had my positive opk and static smiley on the Clearblue last night and luckily hubby was playing ball so we dtd so now for the 2ww abd no doubt another disappointment at the end of it 😫 The advanced Clearblue only started flashing yesterday morning then was static at about 4pm so it shows my oestrogen levels aren’t quite as they used to be 😞
  • @MrsFish I’m keeping everything crossed for you. I so hope your dates are a little off and your little bean is ok. @Louise 111 at least you know to start bd. The static is a fab sign. Fingers crossed. Xxxxx
  • @missmyangels the yolk sack and foeutus inside looked healthy, with no heart beat.  Was measuring just under 6 weeks, where I thought I was 7 weeks.  So he said wither dayes are wrong or it has stopped developing, he couldnt say either way.  I was adamant thay my dayes wwre right so it must have stopped, but noe I am a little more hopeful that maybe it is still growing as tests are getting darker 🤞🤞 will know for sure saturday.

    @Louise 111  do you get any other OV signs - CM? 
    At leaat ypu managex to dtd on jack pot day, keep positive huni 🤞🤞 and do it again tomorrow 🤣 
  • Yes had some CM so going to check my temp in morning  and see if it's gone up . However it's quite hard as my 2 year old is such a bad sleeper so I don't think my temps are very reliable. 
    When did you do your first pregnancy test mrs fish? That may give you a better idea about when you conceived? 
  • @Louise 111 I thought I ov'd on 14th and 15th July - sisnt do tests but had cm and also got the cramp that I get when I ov.
    We dtd on 13th, 16th and 22nd (22nd I forgot about) 
    I tested on 31st, thinking  I was due on 28th maybe 29th.  It was only a 20ml cheapie pound shop test, so would have been surprised to have got a positive 5 days early, I didnt get a positivr that early when I was carrying twins, even though I was getting symptoms. 

    Urgh, so now I say it out loud, I worry again about how I would have got a positive so early if my dates are out by the week/8 days! 

    I hate the fact that 1 minute I think its going to be ok, and the next I think not.  Its going to be a long week!
  • Mrs Fish try a CBDigital maybe ? X
    See how many weeks come up maybe.
    a couple of my losses though my placenta kept growing and producing hcg so my tests gave me false hope :( 
    Its the waiting it’s absolutely soul destroying I so feel for you roll on this next week for you xxx
    big hugs 🤗 
  • You would have been about 9dpo then if you conceived 22nd when you tested so could have come up positive. I agree it's the waiting that is heartbreaking. We're all thinking of you xx 
  • Thanks, not coping so well today.  Yesterday I thought it was all good as I got the strong positive,  but today feels different.....
  • Stay strong @MrsFish be positive believe me I know that’s very very hard!
    when the scan?
  • Not until saturday. 
    I am going to work from home tomorrow, today waa hard work, I work in community mental health, my ability to give a shit today was comprised, I think i might have a car problem for a couple of days.....
  • Thinking of you today Mrs fish xxx
  • @MrsFish let us know how u go thinking of you 😊😘
  • Good luck today mrs fish hope all goes well🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  • Hope all you ladies have a fab weekend,the sun is shining here at last after all the heavy rain over past few weeks.so sunbathing after shopping and relaxation is today's agenda ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
  • Yes same here Tracy bbq stuff is at the ready done housework 🤨
    cleaning leaves off top of our big pool for Max & putting some water in Charlottes little one!
    sorting out the shed later as our pool inflatables have taken over & I can’t find anything 🤣
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend in the sunshine ☀️ 
  • Hope you’re ok @MrsFish- thinking of you.

    enjoy the sunshine everyone! I have been waiting for the sun to come out, to get out with my pram but I feel really fluey today. It came from nowhere! Feel rubbish so we’re stuck inside again! Never mind!!!

  • Hi ladies, unfortunately still no heart beat, so we are no viable - sac has grown another 3mm as being supported by the corpus thing.  He said that’s why I am still getting symptoms, it’s the corpus thing that supports the pregnancy at this stage, so when it is time for placenta to take over it will fail and then i should miscarry - hats off to the guy that scanned me, I think he must be a Dr doing some weekend work, he gave me a lot of sense full info and wouldn’t take anymore money off me after the £20 deposit I paid.

    My husband was devastated, shocked as he had hoped that it would work out, I was far more pessimistic, especially after reading if sac was over 6mm it was unlikely baby would develop, mine is now 13mm.

    I have an EPU appointment Monday morning, he told me that they wouldn’t deal with things straight away and would likely call me back in around 10 days for a rescan before moving forward.  Which is what I expect as this happened last time. 

    I feel a bit calmer about it all, I think my panic and distress was earlier in the week, just sad as I’m not sure if we will have the time to try again - we are going to Oz in December, so might try next year, but I really feel the window is closing and time is running out 😢
  • I'm so sorry mrs fish. Nothing we say will make it any easier but you know we all know exactly how you are feeling and are thinking about you and are here if ever you need to talk xxxx 
  • @MrsFish I’m so sorry. Was really hoping things would work out for you. It’s totally crap!
    Don’t give up.xxx
  • So sorry @MrsFish 😢😢😢 absolutely devastated for you both:(
    yes my corpus luteum did the same thing and symptoms continued & I got bigger was awful I got to 12 weeks and gave up trying to miscarry naturally 😢 the only plus of a D&C was I didn’t bleed heavily/ for a long time which helped me move forwards.
    Thinking of you at this difficult time we are all here for you whenever you need us 😘😘😘
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