Ovulation Test Strips - Part 15



  • Thanks ladies, the thing I am hating the most is my huge appetite, It’s awful enough that the baby has gone, but I think i will have a boobie prize of a weight gain too 😖
    i was meant to go to a christening tomorrow, but have bailed out and we are going to go to the beach.

    I’m sure I will be very up and down over the coming weeks, I really appreciate your support ladies - thank you xx 
  • That sounds like a good plan @MrsFish. Some lovely family time. You’ll Defo be up and down- be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to grieve.xxx
  • Thinking of you , defo chill out with the family & we are here to talk to when you need to vent or emotional support 😘
  • So sorry for you mrs fish life can be so bloody cruel to us women,stay focused and get plenty of rest.your going to oz wow that will be fantastic for you dont think time is running out it's not you will no when the times right to try again when you have grieved your loss.huge hugs to you.xx
  • Mma the weather is awesome isn't it☺so bloody hot here in the northwest and all set to be in the 30s tomorrow for bank holiday i.can't wait.hope you have a lovely weekend with your lovely family ☺☺☺☺
  • Having a fab B/H weekend so far! Oldest is away with his friends last night & tonight:)
    my daughter is camping with Guides Fri-Mon
    Just the 2 littlies & us 💗❤️💙💗
    Extra celebrations as Harry passed his GCSES with flying colours am very proud of him 💙
    He took up American Football to helps his Autism as it helps him release stress and they won the national championship cup so has helped his self esteem enormously 💙
    Lucy now turned 13 & enjoying life 💗very lucky & very proud mumma 💗❤️💙💗❤️💙
  • Awww amazing pics MMA!!! And what a lovely family you have.xxx
  • Ahh MMA what a gorgeous family you have - and amazing news your son did so well with his GCSE’s!! 
    My big one did his last year and wasn’t so lucky, he is also ASD, he has done a year in college, but not really achieved that well and spent the summer bumming around - he just won’t start any activities as he is too anxious to do anything 😔 Despite having a bus pass and free access to the leisure centre 🤦‍♀️

    Just need things to be over now, nausea has been awful most of today, I hate how my symptoms are increasing yet I know baby didn’t make it.  We took Amelie to the beach today, had a lovely day, she is obsessed with pebbles/stones.....
  • MMA your family are gorgeous and your garden and pool are fab! Congratulations to your son xx One of my boys who is autistic is just about to start year 10 so hoping he will go on to do some GCSEs next year. 
    Mrs fish I'm really pleased you had a lovely day xx I hope your son finds something soon that grabs his interest. Another of my boys who is 17 and diagnosed with Aspergers will do his A levels next summer. Am hoping he will do well but am nervous about what he'll do after as he has no interest in working. 
  • Thanks ladies we think they are all beautiful in their own little ways ❤️
    Harrys always been challenging but settled of late:) he didn’t revise & lost all interest in school! Very out spoken ( as I’m sure you are aware ladies say it how it is 🙈!) told his teachers homework is bollocks etc I nearly died 🤣 but hey try telling him to not say what he feels out loud!🤷‍♀️
    He still sits indoors a lot! He expects me to magic up a summer job!He's enrolled in college it was stressful but he managed with me by his side:) Then when his course ends he wants to join the armed forces so I’ll go along with that and see where we r at in a year! Not sure they take kids with autism/ADHD but apparently they are all given a separate medical and go from there so who knows ?! At least he has some ambition 🤞

    So glad you’ve enjoyed a fab day @MrsFish
    The hormones continuing is so awful I always suffer that :(
    This last early miscarriage left me hungry with terrible heart burn & I was only 5 weeks !
    Really feel for you big hugs 🤗 
    Enjoy your families over the B/H :)
  • My sons exactly the same MMA and expects me to magic up the perfect summer job 

  • Hey ladies! Sorry to barge in here, but I was just curious if anyone has gotten positive OPKs for 2 days in a row? I got my first high yesterday morning, got another high yesterday afternoon (CD18), and now CD19 and took 4 tests total, one every 4 hours, and they keep getting higher and higher each time. I am trying to pinpoint ovulation but each time I test, my LH is higher than the last time lol just want to make sure we are BD when we need to be. We did today and the last 2 days 
  • Rachel you are supposed to take the first positive test you do as your positive (which is why the clearblue digital keep your first positive on the screen for 48 hours as tests after that are irrelevant ) and expect to ovulate 12-36 hours after that first positive so you have prob already ovulated by now. It sounds like you are well covered with your BDing but you could always BD again today to be on the safe side. Good luck xx 
  • Rachel just noticed your tests are all the same day. I was thinking 2 were the following day so you are prob due to ovulate about now so BD again today to be on safe side xx 
  • @Louise 111 Thank you! All my apps say ovulation today and my temp is low, so hopefully it will rise tomorrow to signal that I did ovulate today. I am going to BD today and possibly tomorrow too
  • You are well covered Rachel as it’s the 4 day run up to ovulation that’s particularly important for pregnancy as the sperm is ready and waiting as u drop your egg 😜
    As soon as your temp rises you are done and dusted:) Louise is spot on from that first positive result you needn’t do anymore as you will ovulate 12-24 hours afterwards so always get an extra session in to seal the deal 😉😉
    good luck!!
  • Thank you ladies for being so helpful!! Hopefully my temp rises tomorrow to signal that I ovulated today 
  • EPU have booked me in again for repeat scan next Monday, but have agreed that pregnancy is non viable - they confirmed my double ovulation and had a very thorough check just to make sure there wasn’t anything else anywhere else.  
    After second scan a plan will be made to manage the miscarriage, but she suggested because of my history probably surgical is the best option.  I’m ok the sac is growing but the actual foetus is maybe 1-2mm, which makes it that much easier that it just didn’t develop, rather than the twin who was fully developed and 14 weeks old when heart stopped.  I got really upset going to the hospital, it isn’t in our town, so the last time I was there was when I had Amelie, There was a lady in labour walking from the car park at the same time, I wanted to be there having a baby not losing another chance at life 😩 but all in all i am doing ok and am thinking next Friday would be the best day to have the miscarriage managed, so I have the weekend to recover.....

    i hope ole you all enjoyed your long bank holiday weekend? X

  • So sorry Mrs Fish 😢 I remember that feeling EPAU is next to the normal scan /check up unit. I’ve sat there time & time again with a non viable pregnancy watching everyone else come out happy ! I’d put on a brave face smile say I was fine and used to it. Inside I would ache a feeling not easy to explain an ache that never went away but numbs over time:/ Only an ache we all understand between our losses here 
    big hugs 🤗 
  • Mrs fish it.can be so hard,as I no to well after numerous miscarriges and my preterm baby at 26wesks passed away aged 3weeks and a few late miscarriges at 16weeks and 14weeks the others fortunately were before 9weeks so I no how u must be feeling I too find it very very difficult as were I go for gynacolagy appointments is were you go for antenatal and maternity and it breaks me everytime hearing babies crying and mother's coming out with scan pictures thier so happy as I'm distraught its devasting.they should seriously think about seperating these units as its so unfair.my heart goes out to u try and stay focused thinking of you xx
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