Ovulation Test Strips - Part 15



  • Hi @EmJ3 I'm not good I've been in excruciating pain for 3 weeks now was admitted to hospital with septic arthritis of my shoulder so not been good.it's going to be a long slow process to get back to fitness probably wont be until January now which is so upsetting as I'm so bored sat around.hope your doing ok lovely xx
  • Oh no @tracyttc42017 that’s totally rubbish!!! Hope it starts to ease soon so that you’re feeling better. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Xxx
  • Hope things improve for you soon Tracy xx
  • Hi mummytotodd. Yes 6 days past ovulation. Think i will test on Monday but not holding out much hope xx 
  • Your oh is definitely a trooper!! 
  • Oh no @tracyttc42017 that sounds horrible!! I hope things start to improve for you soon, and you can start back on some gentle exercise! 

    @Louise 111 fingers crossed this is your month 🤞🤞

    @EmJ3 how are you settling into being a Mummy to Matilda? Are you getting any sleep? 

    Good of luck to the new ladies on your journey 🤞🤞 for a speedy BFP! 

    I’m doing OK, I am waiting to start therapy from work scheme, I need to chat about having more, husband feels we should stop, he is concerned on the impact of more losses and the chances just keep going up as we are older, I’m not sure, I wanted one more,  it it seems to be not happening unfortunately, so maybe it is best to stop and focus on living rather than making life 🤷‍♀️  It’s a sad decision, as I always thought I would have 1 more....
  • @MrsFish it’s a really hard decision isn’t it. I totally get you on both sides- life is for living and you will have a wonderful life with or without another baby. You’re doing the right thing by talking things through. You never really know what the future holds. 
    Also, do you think it’s natural for a woman to always want ‘one more’ no matter how many children they have?
    id already like another one! The thought of not being pregnant again and giving birth upsets me but there are a lot of reasons why we should stop now-
    the house really isn’t big enough, nursery costs an absolute fortune, I am getting older, I could concentrate on my career, have nice holidays, more money to help the children I have, focus on living life etc, but still I have that desire for another baby! Maybe it never goes away?????

    I’m absolutely loving be a new mum again! Matilda is a really good baby and I'm making the most of my maternity leave by going out shopping and eating etc with my mum and friends. 

    @tracyttc42017 how are you doing?


  • Matilda’s 6 weeks old now.xxx
  • Omg @EmJ3 she is absolutely adorably beautiful 💕💕💕💕 not doing to well at present still in excruciating pain physio starts November for my left arm so it doesn't end up like my right arm which I cant use now.my driving lessons are now on hold which really sucks as I was doing things to distract myself from getting prefnant as I now think it probably wont happen at my age and was lokking forward to doing new things even tho I so despratley still want that first child with hubby.I'm currently waiting for mri scan on my arm and under consultant for arthritis I already have it in my whole spine so I have to weigh up pros and cons of delivering another baby would have on my bad health.it really sucks I was doing so well but really depressed with it all now but hopefully I will bounce bk soon as things settle.xx
  • Thank you @mrsfish
  • You will defo bounce back @tracyttc42017 because that’s what you do!!! So sorry you’re in so much pain though- that’s awful. I really hope they can fix it and help it to settle down. 
    So annoying about your driving lessons- I get the focus on other things. You still never know about the baby though! 
    sending you a big hug and lots of positivity.xxx 
  • @tracyttc42017 that sounds terrible, make sure you are kind to yourself, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself with doing things, take time to recover, and I hope the physio is successful and can get you driving. 

    @EmJ3 she is truly gorgeous, makes me soooooo broody sewing little ones 😍😍😍 I cant remember how many children you have? 

    I wanted one more for Amelie, so she has someone to go through life with, she is so much younger than her siblings, and we are older.....My husband is done tho, so I’m thinking I need to get my head around no more 😩😢
  • My little dandelions 😂

  • @mrsfish I have big age gaps in my babies too. I have a 14 year old girl, 7 year old boy and new baby. I’m 38 now and hubby is 40- he says he’s done too! How old are your children?
  • Oh my god she’s just gorgeous @mrsfish!!!xxx
  • Awww @MrsFish she's beautiful.as for age gaps my daughter had my youngest kian is only 9 and my eldest daughter is 31 😁 my.grandaughter is 12 I'm super gran lol.
  • Hey everyone.  I was spotting for about 2 weeks and then about 2 days ago the spotting stopped and now I am having a bit of creamy white discharge when I wipe. 

    I am experiencing a right pressure feeling in my pelvic area and a moderate intensity twinge yesterday.  I don't think I am pregnant though... 

    I had a blood test done a week ago and was negative for hcg.  Last menstrual cycle was Aug 26th but it was a very light one.

    I decided to take an ovulation test again and this is the result.  Is this considered high?  It's confusing because I thought AF is supposed to be due yesterday...

    (Photos with flash and without flash)

  • Elle-Elle that looks positive to me for ovulation:)
    Ladies I love your babies I just love seeing piccies makes my day 😍
    Emj my heart just melted Matilda is a beauty 💗
    mrs Fish that is such a fab photo!!I love her hair 💗

    Tracy so sorry to hear you aren’t so well 😢 thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery I so so hope you get to have a baby together 🤞🤞🤞

    hugs to you all 🥰

    9 months old now & loving every day with our beautiful rainbow 🌈 
    hubbys on a week off so we are having days out with bubba this week 💗
  • Awww Charlotte is gorgeous MMA. I hope you have a fab week off together. 9 months! Gosh that feels like it’s gone quickly. Are you feeling less anxious now?

    age is definitely only a number ladies! And these gorgeous rainbow babies make everything worthwhile! But so does enjoying what we have too and making the most of it.😘😘😘

  • @Elle-Elle looks positive to me.xx
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