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  • @Louise 111 fingers crossed for you this month. It’s such a difficult journey. Sending you lots of baby dust.xxxx
  • Thankyou. Sorry I haven’t commented on your posts today. Felt rubbish. BFN this morning and have realised I need to accept it’s not going to happen. Feel so unhappy. I’m very similar to you all in that I have older ones and just want one more as a friend for my 2 year old. He’s autistic and I realise he’ll struggle to have friends at school so I wanted a playmate for him at home. I feel like I’ve failed him 😢
    Your photos of your little ones are just beautiful xxxx
  • You haven’t failed him @Louise 111. You’re doing everything you can- it’s just one of those things but if you don’t give up, it could still happen. I know the journey is a difficult and emotional one but stay strong! Fingers crossed.🤞🏻🤞🏻Xxx
  • Louise my eldest is has autism too and he struggles to keep lots of friends as opposed to making them always felt so awful for him. They don’t understand so I certainly can see your reasoning:)
    Keep me in your focus 5 miscarriages and 2 years of OPKs then we got our beautiful rainbow you can do it too🤞🥰 It does change over time my Harry is so much better now at 16 & a brilliant lad has a small network of friends which suits him:) he’s taken a new college in his stride & made a couple of new friends he’s not one for being clicky or hanging out with the in crowd. He’s mates are nice and good lads 😃
    Please don’t let it get you down 😘
  • Thankyou ladies. MMA I'm glad your son seems to be managing so well at college. That's fantastic. Like you both say, it can happen which is what makes it such a difficult decision to make whether to stop trying or not. I've cut down the amount I spend on expensive opks and potions that I think might help as I've spent a fortune but then I think what if it's those things that could make it happen 😩😩
  • I've just said that I've cut down spending on the potions but because I was thinking about it I've now gone on eBay and bought some more ubiquinol which hubby will be mad about as it's so pricey 😩
  • Louise I only took pregnacare ttc vitamins 3 for 2 in Boots £10 per box I think Superdrug did events when the boxes were only £5 & I’d stock up! when I fell pg was advised to take low dose Aspirin it’s sooo cheap that was it & I fell ok ( in the end!!) when I finally got those 2 lines I used up my ttc vitamins & switched to the pregnancy ones I forgot the Aspirin though but they still made me take it from my 3 month scan until I was about 37 weeks :)
    I'm pretty sure most supermarkets & boots do there own brands for cheaper. I honestly believe that’s all you need ?😘
    oh & cheap opks 5 for £1 in Savers/pound shop then purchased a bulk load off Amazon about 50 for £6 they work brilliantly 😊
  • @Louise 111 I completely understand where you are coming from.  We have also decided to stop trying, we are going to make a firm decision when we get back from Oz in January.  I also wanted a companion for Amelie as she is so much younger than her siblings....
    Can I ask how you knew your 2 year old had ASD?  My big one wasn’t diagnosed until 14 😡 but got diagnosed with adhd at 5, but we were told at 18months by his paediatrician....Amelie has some strange obsessions, and I think because my big one is, and I have been diagnosed with traits (not been formerly assessed) by my adhd specialist, I am a bit more hyper focused on looking for traits with Amelie, and I have a genetic anomalies which carries ASD, so there is a 50% chance she will have the same gene....

    @missmyangels leaving school and going to college was a real turning point for my boy! He is 18 in less than 1 month, and is starting to think about spending a year in Oz with brother next summer 😳 I am petrified and such a ‘smother’ 😂😂 
    @missmyangels will you have anymore? 

    I am starting therapy this this week to discuss my losses, I get some sessions through a work scheme.  I am hoping it will help me unravel my mind and grieve.

    Baby dust to all those still on their journey xxxx
  • Hi Mrs fish. I have a couple of older ones with asd so was more on the lookout for it and aware of the signs but they were also diagnosed about 2 or 3. It was their lack of speech and delayed milestones that were the main pointers. Although their speech is fine now. Charlie still has no words except mama , dada and go but I’m sure he’ll get there in the end. Plus obsessions with doors opening and shutting and other repetitive behaviours. Girls are a little different in general and tend to present a little differently so please be careful that they don’t fob you off with Amelie xx Good luck with your therapy. That’s great that work provides sessions. I really hope it helps xx
  • Amelie has repetitive behaviours, she likes to pick up the tea towels, turn them over drop them and then start again - she will happily do this for 30+ mins. She is also obsessed with hair and will pull it between her finger and thumb - again happy to do this for hours, particularly when tired.  She will even get it out of my brush, which is a little gross. 
    Ahe is very uncomfortable at soft play and busy environments, and non familiar environments, has always hated them.....
    She is so much more content at home, but hard to know if that’s just normal development.  There are a few other things as well, a friends daughter (who has asd) pointed out that she follows the same route when she walks - I hadn’t noticed.  She is a bit slower with development, things like waving, clapping.  She has delayed responses, so will wave or blow kisses several minutes after we have gone, despite being encouraged at the time.  It’s all very subtle and health visitor defo prob wouldn’t consider it anything at the mo....
    like you said it’s harder to detect in girls, they mask a lot better.

  • At least you are aware Mrs fish and can monitor her. We all have strange traits to a degree and I think it just depends whether a diagnosis would be beneficial for them or not. Now you mention it Charlie is the same with waving - I always encourage him to wave when people go and he never does but then when they’ve gone he madly waves for a while. 
  • My Harry wasn’t diagnosed until aged 11-12 by the time process was over! I only had him assessed as one teacher did my head in moaning that he fidgeted and did silly things I ended with really bad anxiety that year so started a fitness  routine which got me through it was really difficult 😖 His next teacher in year 5 just said right do u want him assessed I said yes please and never looked back! The right people around u that understand make a HUGE difference! He was at his most difficult through years 9/10/11 of secondary scl defo come out the other side now thank goodness 😅 
    Lucy defo ok Max I watch and check in with his teachers he’s very active but I don’t think he’s showing signs he’s 9 in January:)
    hopefuly Charlotte will be ok:)
    Harrys very clever and funny he’s was more visible with mood / depression/anxiety and some repetitive behaviour when younger. He’s very routinely still at 16 if dinners not when u said for example he really gets the hump😖
    Charlotte is due her 9-12 month check on Oct 8th I have to say probably due to her siblings she’s very forward says a few words claps , dances, waves now standing and trying to walk into EVERYTHING 🤪🤣
    very strong willed haha
    I hope you ladies get your little rainbow 🌈 you so deserve too 
    love n hugs 🤗 
  • Thankyou MMA xx
  • How is everyone?

    Matilda is 10 weeks today- its flying by! We are on holiday in Fuerteventura and the weather is amazing. Feels so nice to be in the sunshine in October!

    Matilda and my bigger
  • @EmJ3 aww this is adorable,she's a little stunner just like her mummy.i hope your enjoying your holiday it's freezing hear lol.xx
  • goooorgeous Emj have a fantastic holiday 😊
    Hope you are all doing ok :) we are all enjoying Charlotte soooo much still just turned 10 months during the week 😱 It goes soooo fast it’s crazy 😝 

    We at Pooh sticks in bottom picture where Winnie The Poohs inspiration came from take her on loads of outings loving life 💗
    On a sadder note I’ve just finished yet another miscarriage fell pregnant 6 weeks ago made it to 51/2 wks was amazed tbh that I’m falling pregnant every few months after a 2 year stretch waiting for Charlotte it really makes me appreciate her so much more as these beans aren’t sticking! So gratefull for the family we have 💗💙💗💙
  • @tracyttc42017 it’s lovely and warm here but we’ll be back to the rain next week! Haha!! Hope you’re feeling much better. 

    MMA- that’s so disappointing. I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you wanting another baby as in, is that your plan? I’d love another but hubby says my anxiety was way too bad having Matilda. It’s hard when you’ve lost a baby late on isn’t it, or lost a baby in general. I’m enjoying every minute with Matilda and not wishing the time away!!!

  • Ladies your photos are beautiful xx What beautiful children you both have xxx 
    Emj enjoy your holiday xxx 
    MMA I’m so sorry to hear that . It doesn’t get any easier does it? I’m 6dpo today and will test on Monday but hold out virtually no hope. My bbt has been low the last 2 days and even if by some miracle I got 2 lines on Monday I know that there’s virtually no chance of it continuing to full term. Yet still I keep trying each month - it’s madness isn’t it?!
  • @EmJ3 no plan as such just I wish I wasn’t so bloody maternal!! We were sorting out the loft thinking right must get rid of baby bits now then u start with the what ifs!! Hubby is the same haha but I’m 43 in January so I’ll except I’m too old in another year I think!
    Thankfully I’m so used to miscarriages it doesn’t affect my emotions as much but only as I have Charlotte!
    If we have another fab if not I’ll eventually get used t the idea 😣
    Have a good weekend everyone 😘
  • Hi ladies
    lovely to hear all your updates - EMJ - you lucky thing, it’s miserable and cold and wet in the uK today.  I bet you are all having an amazing time! 

    MMA, I’m sorry to hear you have had another MC, was it a natural one again? 

    Love the pictures of all the babies- they are all so precious 💜

    As for me, still no AF since D&C, I called EPU last Friday and they said give it another week or so, we are at 7 weeks now. 
    Still unsure about trying for more, I think the menopause has got me early. 

    I am really pissed off at one of my mummy friends - she did my nails 2 weeks ago and gave a long spiel about not wanting anymore at the moment, how they want to move house etc etc and she is fed up with ppl asking her.  She has just anounced she is 3 months pg, which not her fault but was on the day of the 2nd anniversary of losing my twin.  I just burst into tears in Sainsbury’s, couldn’t control it.  

    I am having therapy, but I dont think it’s helping.  I so far have taken that I have so much love I desperately want another,  but I have no control over wether that will happen or not and I am angry with my husband for not agreeing sooner to start trying as we may not be going through such a hard time TTc if we had done it 10 years ago.....

    All that grumps aside, I am loving Amelie and being her mumma so much - she is just the most precious thing xx
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