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Ovulation Test Strips - Part 15

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Ovulation Test Strips Part 14 peeps, as part 14 has now topped the 1k post mark, it's a bit tricky to load and keep up with. 

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Worth a try Louise & you’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve changed something & it might just work 🤞🤞🤞
    good luck & lots of baby dust to you ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
  • Thankyou xx
  • Dont give up louise I'm not and I'm. 48 I just had to do something to distract myself thats.why I do fitness and other things now until I fall pg its always best to get checked by your gp especially were b12 is concerned then you will no if thiers a problem ☺☺☺☺
  • Thanks Tracy xx No I won’t give up. Started with my Clearblue advanced today. I’m finding I get ewcm earlier this last couple of months and think I ovulated early last month whereas I’m normally very regular. I’ve read it’s common when you’re older to ovulate earlier but don’t know if it’s true 
  • @Louise 111  I had my B12 checked by doctor and was prescribed, but they are checking bloods again tomorrow to check my dosage, I was taking otc B12 vitamins before, I tgink they were 10mg, currently I am prescribed 50mg, but you can take up to 150mg, pretty sure GP said you can't overdose on them, the e tea vitamin just comes out in your wee.

    Do keep positive and do monitor your CM and OV, I don't think I Ov'd for months before I fell as I can feel the eggs going, and hadnt done for so long.....

    Keep positive and keep trying xxx
  • Thankyou Mrs fish xx
  • So I went for a scan yesterday at 7 weeks, and looks like my little bean stopped growing around a week ago. 

    I now have to go through the second scan in a week or 2 in case I have my dates wrong (unlikely as we didn't dtd and I know when I Ov'd) before having to face trying to pass my bean naturally or considering a d+c.  I'm just so devastated as I had so much hope that this pg was going to go ok, I still have the same mild symptoms I've had throughout, so it was a real shock that I wasnt prepared for. 

     Why is this ttc journey so shit for some of us.  This will be 3 losses out of 4 conceptions, not counting the chemical i think I had in May 😥
  • Oh Mrs Fish it’s truly a shit journey isn’t it I know that for sure😢 
    I’ve had 4 babies out of 11 conceptions what makes them so different I truly don’t understand 🤔😪 I thought after having Charlotte my body might of re set itself so to speak yet again I miscarried I’ve given up trying to understand now :( 
    big hugs to you I’ll be thinking about you this next 2 weeks, too longer wait in my eyes! They’d know in a week if there’d been a change or bloods beta hcg xxx
  • I can go back for another private scan, but I know the nhs wont except them, so need to get my midwife to get a referral to epu and organise some bloods - last time they were really crap and baby was still inside me at 12 weeks when I knew at 7 it had stopped at 5.  I wish my body was more efficient at dealing with an early miscarriage.  The really sad thing is he told me how perfect the baby had been forming and positioned.  Of course they tell you that your dates are potentially wrong, but I know they are not, just so sad and angry...

  • Yeah I’m spot on with my dates too! I’m the same Mrs Fish if I have a chemical pregnancy I bleed freely at 5-6 weeks as normal but as soon as I go a little further on my placenta always continues to grow so all symptoms carry on and I get bigger bit baby doesn’t then I’m incapable of a natural miscarriage. My babies tend to pass by week 7/8 but by 12 weeks and after vaginal pessaries I still don’t miscarry & I hate the necessity of a D&C. They damaged my Fallopian tube last time ( & I’ve only got 1!)so how Charlotte was conceived & actually made it through I’ll never know!!
    I was definitely a week further on with Charlotte because I ovulated days 5-7 rather than the standard days 10 -14 we know our bodies and when things happen:)
    I hope for your sake there’s a reason for delayed growth this time get bloods done & go from there. With me my CBD went from 3 weeks+ back to 2 as well which was a give away in the end xx
    stay strong thinking of you
  • @MrsFish that really is totally crap. TTC is a long and difficult journey isn’t it. Thinking of you. I know how devastating it is.💖💖💖xxxx
  • Thanks. ladies, have spent the day sobbing, and now i have upset my husband by saying how happy I have been because I was pg again, and how my world has come craahing down, he just wants him and Amelie to be enough and anything else is a bonus.  I don't think he wants to try again, we have lost 3 out 4 conceptions, the odds aren't good and our ages are stacked against us.....

  • My hubby was quite similar @MrsFish. He thought another baby was a bonus not a deep desire, unlike me. I couldn’t understand his feelings when I was so desperate for another but he just didn’t feel that desperation. It doesn’t mean they don’t want another, just that it’s not the be all and end all for them.

    Plus, he’ll be struggling seeing you so upset knowing there’s nothing he can really do. 

    I know overcoming your new loss will be hard but don’t make a decision yet, give yourself some time to grieve.xxxxx
  • Yes mrs fish you can't overdose on b12 but if you dont need it it wont do anything for you as you wud just pee it out.i have to have the injections every 8weeks as I have pernicious anemia I dont absorb b12 thats why I have had them for years.
  • Mrs fish I am so so sad to read your news. We all know exactly how you are feeling as we’ve all been there. It’s utterly heartbreaking. We are all hear to talk and listen so if you feel you can’t go on and on to your hubby for fear it might put him off trying then you know we’re all here for you to vent to. Big hugs and please know we’re thinking of you xxx
  • I did another test this morning and it is darker than the one I did last Wednesday, I have had the same low level symptoms and it's just driving me mad.  I have booked in for another scan next Saturday.

    Top one is this morning's....
  • Is there any chance you’re dates are out @mrsfish?xx
  • Well I didn't think  so, but I went back and checked and we did another dtd the following week, so now I have a glimmer of hope again 🤞🤞 I was convinced I Ov'd when I did, but maybe it was slow to implant - 5 more days and I wi know for sure.

  • 🤞🤞🤞 mrs Fish
    hopefully if you were only just 6 weeks as supposed to 7 that would be a reason for not seeing a heart beat or was there a heartbeat but baby measured small? X 
  • Mrs fish I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed xx 
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