Hey girls, can you help me with my symptoms?

I think I am 7 dpo (CD27- long cycles) and i have some strange feeling in my lower belly, its weird I am somehow protective over my belly.  Few days ago i fall asleep and slept for 14 hours. Yesterday i got some EWCM mixed with creamy cm. My head is a little dizzy and one of my nipples is sore and a little bit bigger. I know it is  early but i am freaked.
Thanks for your time  :)


  • Hi. It sounds like positive symptoms, I would wait a few days and test.

    Let us know! X
  • My nipples were never  sensitive in my life,  although sometimes my breasts felt tender before AF.
    Today i got a tons of EWCM (egg white cervical mucus), I never got that before, I have some little even when i am ovulating. 
    I really hope this is my month 3 
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