Confused about tests hcg

I’m not sure when my period was due but thought it was some point last week. 
Tested thirsday got positive 
tested Friday also got positive and 1-2 weeks 
Saturday went to the hospital bloods said hcg was 73 which is positive and their urgine said negative 
Today tested says 1-2 weeks 

I’m now worrying about the negative. How long does it take for hcg to drop below 20/25 so then the tests are negative 

still no no sign of my period don’t know what to think



  • I’m confused by your post. Your HCG test indicated that you’re pregnant and you got a positive clear blue (1-2 weeks) which would match the result of 73 today so i wouldn’t be concerned about the negative in hospital. It’s likely your urine was diluted when you took the hospital test so the HCG present would have been minimal (you need to use first morning urine) hence the negative pee test. Obviously this doesn’t matter with bloods so they’re more accurate. The hospital should have explained this 
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