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Hoping for a BFP in September!

I decided to start a new topic. For those of u who are new I'm cd13 bding very actively. It's my second cycle after mc. I got a 11month old son from first cycle of my previous mc! Hopes up fingers crossed, what about you?


  • Hey lady @MadDoda joining you over here on cd 15 ☺️
  • Coming over to this thread but will still keep an eye on August see how everyone gets on there x
  • Hey @Kazam2817 hope you're doing ok? X
  • @Kazam2817 that's exactly what I'm doing! Where are u from BTW, I'm sure u said but 150 pages is a lot hehe

    @Emmy012 did u ov yet? 
  • I’m joining too! CD21 for me and 1dpo. This is my third cycle TTC and I have a 7 year old son currently. He was an unexpected pregnancy, so this is my first time dealing with trying!
  • According to one tracker I'm due to OV tomorrow. The Ovia app predicts Thursday. We BD this morning and will again tomorrow evening just to be sure! Trying not to overdo it as OH was feeling a bit "used and abused" last cycle 😂 

  • @Emmy012 do you bbt? Coz I was supposed to ov cd16 , but I think I did cd12 so yday. App alone sux. They are men they can do plenty, I was planning break tonight in consideration for my dh, but I changed my mind. Gonna ride him till he beg me to stop, sorry TMI xd
  • Emmy012 said:
    Hey @Kazam2817 hope you're doing ok? X
    Hey I am doing ok thanks how are you?

    @MadDoda i am
    in Scotland are we not both in Glasgow? x
  • @MadDoda I don't but considering it for next cycle if this one isn't our lucky month. We've been DTD regularly since cd10 and will continue throughout just incase of early/ late OV. My cycle is averaging 29 days but I could be OV anytime. 

    TMI but brilliant! We woke up way before our alarms for work and got some bd fun in before the sun came up! 😜
  • @Kazam2817 see it was ringing a bell, I'm in Edinburgh,  up for wine!

    @Emmy012 you will not need it, we gonna get fat together soon. That's the best with bd. It happened for me to enjoy my dh in his sleep that way. He never says no.
  • @MadDoda let's see what this cycle brings! Hopefully we can get fat together! I feel a lot more relaxed in this cycle than I have done in the past. I had a few very bad days with AF and hormones but I'm feeling quite calm and ready for whatever this one brings. 
  • @Kazam2817 I'm doing good thank you, remaining positive and keeping it together better this time round 🙂
  • Well @MadDoda we said we would take it easy but OH managed to cop me straight out of the shower haha so much for "used and abused" 😜
  • @Emmy012 My DH was feeling used and abused this cycle 😂😂 we BD every two days/every other day since my period and during my fertile week, we BD every day for 4 days straight. And I ovulated late so CD20 before I ovulated lol
  • @Rachel.a21 they are funny things! Last cycle we BD for around 10 days straight and he definitely felt used 😂 I promised to be a bit fore tactful this time round and we're having far more fun this way! I still don't know if and when I'm ovulating but I may try bbt next cycle as I'm resisting the urge to keep peeing on sticks 😂
  • @Emmy012 This was my first month charting BBT and I definitely recommend it!! @MadDoda got me started on it and i’m so glad I did. my temps have matched perfectly with my OPKs I’ve been taking 
  • Right I can't walk now lol, that's how tired he was. Somehow I enjoy this cycle say more, and I'm definitely more relax.
  • @MadDoda I feel really confident and good about this cycle too, but I know I shouldn’t get my hopes too high 
  • I'm on CD13 apparently due to ovulation tomorrow according to the app. I have been using OPKs but so far all have been negative. 
  • Hi @lilly 2 i wouldn't go solely on an app just in case you ovulate earlier or later, just get to DTD every other day throughout your cycle to cover all bases! Good luck x
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