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Don’t know what is going on

Hi ladies, after some advice. I know I ovulated on August 13th. We did the deed a few times before and on ov day. I was having weird symptoms thinking omg could I actually be? Last Friday on what would’ve been 10dpo I had a faint positive on a frer. Waited two more days and another faint line. I was ecstatic thinking maybe my hcg levels were just too low at the time to make the line darker. My boobs had been killing me all last weekend. On Monday I started brown spotting, but only when I wiped (13 dpo at this point) thought ok, maybe implantation. On Tuesday (14dpo and AF due day) I take another test with frer and another faint line appears. Defo there, defo pink, just faint. I continued brown spotting until Thursday evening and then I started bleeding more fresh red blood, no clots or anything. Was panicking really. Yesterday (17 dpo) I took another test and STILL a faint line, but defo there. I continued bleeding like an AF bleed until today and this afternoon it just stopped. Just like more blood. Am I actually pregnant? Or could it be a chemical? I have another test which I’m saving for tomorrow or Monday. Has anyone else ever experienced a heavy implantation bleed? This wasn’t just a normal AF bleed. The time scale of 5 days was right but 3 days brown spotting and only when I wipe to two days heavy red blood just isn’t normal for me. I normally bleed red blood for 5 days heavy finishing off with the brown. Now nothing. My boobs are still slightly tender but nothing like they were last weekend. Wondered if anyone had any opinions. Xx


  • I am sorry but if you bleed fresh blood and from 13dpo to 17dpo line remains faint it is very low chances that you will get any good news. You should retest in few days, if it's still faint schedule two blood tests and see if hcg is increasing. I pray for you, but I have been there twice. 
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