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Ovulation, Implantation or just screwed up body?!

I’ll try keep this quick but any thoughts would be happily welcomed to hopefully put my crazy mind to rest.

We’ve been ttc for 18 months - both checked, both fine. I’m slightly overweight which I think contributes to a varied cycle length (between 32 and 42 days).

Its cd24 and last night I had some dark blood in my urine - only to wipe. That has continued today with dark slight spotting in my underwear. No other symptoms apart from slight cramping - but could easily be gas 🙄

Ive had no positive opks (but I find them unreliable anyway!). I’ve never experienced this and now Dr Google has got me terrified that my womb is falling out!! (I should really stay away).

It seems too late for ovulation but way too early for implantation.

I’ve been dieting and lost a stone in 4 weeks as well as taking a chemist worth of new vitamins, could that be the cause of random spotting? Oh and we’ve been bd’ing everyday for 10 days.

please voice thoughts on my craziness.

thank you ❤️


  • @Hysteria824 sorry can't answer, what it can be, maybe early period? It's hard to imagine how much blood is there. I had ov spotting this month and it was streaks of pink in mucus. I also experienced implantation spotting, which was exactly the same, streaks of pink in mucus. I suggest you start bbt charting. With variable cycle length and negative opks it's ur best shot for understanding ur body. Pop to us in September thread,  lots of great support and help. Good luck
  • @MadDoda thanks! I’ll head over ☺️
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