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Ache under boobs on bra line. Symptom?


AF is due today (if I’m on a normal 25 day cycle this month). I know boob ache and tenderness is a pregnancy symptom but what about an ache on the boob line?

I’m getting the occasional twinge in my boobs but I have a consistent dull ache under my boobs on the bra line. It literally feels like I’ve been wearing my bra too tight. However I’ve been wearing a sports bra so I know it’s not that. I’m also only a B cup so I wouldn’t say it’s a support issue with the bra. My boobs look bigger? But I don’t think they feel bigger (if I were to grope myself).

Could this be an early pregnancy symptom? We’ve been TTC for over 2 years and we’ve literally got our NHS IVF Funding appointment in 2 weeks! I know I could test today but having symptom spotted for 2 years I’ve always tested and AF shows up a few hours after my BFN! It’s gotten a bit pricey so I was going to wait until Saturday to test...


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