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8dpo hot stabbing pain near right ovary?

Hi everyone, my husband and I are TTC baby number 3. With our first I had no symptoms apart from moodiness 😂. I had an EMC with trying for our 2nd, my symptoms were hot flashes, dizziness and thats about it. When i eventually got pregnant with my 2nd i had the same symptoms, hot flashes, dizziness and BFP on 11DPO.
This is our first try of TTC number 3, had positive OPK tests on CD 15&16, DTD on 15, 16 and 17. I am now 8DPO and have stabby hot pains near my right ovary, not much CM and no spotting. I think im due in about a week or just under.. my last 2 month cycles were 24 and then 30 so not sure on actual date im due for AF! Took test this morn with FMU and of course BFN.. was doubting but now ive had these pains this morning I am second guessing! Am a little worried about ectopic as the pain feels alot towards my right ovary 😣. Will prob wait a few days and test again but i am very nervous as ive had EMC/Chemical betwen my 1st and 2nd baby. Any thoughts?
Sorry for long essay 😂


  • Forgot to say, with first baby i had no implantatiom spotting, EMC i had pink spotting that got heavier and a bleed in hospital, and 2nd baby i had pink implantation spotting that stopped and started again at 5 weeks and stopped at 6. Keeping fingers crossed. I just topk another loop ad PG test from this morning and if i squint reeaaaally hard there's possibly a second line, but this is 5 hours after test and the line doesnt look like it has colour i think...
  • Hello, I had that same pain just only on my left side. I to thought  oh no hope it's not a ectopic I was really  scared but nope my pregnancy turned  out to be just fine he is 9 years old now. I am having those same pains again as I am in my TWW...GOOD LUCK
  • Yeay!! Oh wow i am all excited now!! Good luck to you too! Im only 9dpo now and tested this morning, bfn. Just hope its too early!
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