Evap line of light positive? HELP!!

Hey! So I’m really hoping you guys can help me out because I’m going out of my mind. I’m due on in 3 days and I took these tests this morning. The first one had an extremely extremely faint line (to the point I could only see it when held up to the sky and at a certain angle) I was convinced it was an evap line so I took another straight after from the same urine used for the first test. And the same thing happened again, it showed up after 1-2 minutes. I took the test apart convinced it was an evap line and that is what I saw. I’ve attached pictures for you. What do you guys think? Are evap lines thick and blue when the test is taken apart? I’m soooo confused and would really appreciate your help/advice! I’m of course going to test when I’m due but just wanted other people’s opinions! 

Thank you! 


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