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TTC with Fibroids

Hello... this is my first ever post on a forum so I am not quite sure what I’m doing! I was hoping for some encouragement or maybe to hear some other success stories perhaps. I’m 30, trying to conceive the last 7ish months but no joy so far. I have always had painful periods and recently got diagnosed with 4 fibroids, the largest being 3cm. I obviously freaked out and googled which has convinced me that I am infertile 😫😫 I still have another two months to wait until my appointment with the specialist to tell me exactly where they are and if they are making me infertile, which is making me really anxious. Has anyone gotten pregnant here with fibroids, especially 4 of them and around the 3cm size? Thanks in advance for anything ye can share with me, I’d feel less alone!


  • Hi, today was my first time posting something too loool. Trying to conceive too. How did you know u had fibroids? What where ur sign and symptoms? 
  • Hi Sisi! Glad I’m not the only newbie lol. Tbh I always knew something was up as I’d get heavy periods with a lot of pain and sickness, but multiple doctors just brushed it off as ‘just normal woman stuff’ one doctor even told me that the more problems you had with menstruation usually meant you were more fertile! At my wits end I kind of demanded that they send me for testing and my doctor said just to stop me coming in continually that she would refer me. It was during the Ultrasound they discovered them, pretty frustrating after years of not being listened to! The ultrasound can’t tell where they are located other than they are ‘anterior’ whatever that means, and that there is 4 of them. Just hoping I haven’t struggling through bad periods for years in vain and that I am fertile!! Have you similar issues?
  • I've just had a baby in January. I had a 5cm fibroid .. I was injected with a temporary menopause for 6 months to try and shrink it. Initially, it grew to 12cm!! The pain was unreal, I could hardly walk and I bled so much I flooded my clothes every 15 mins, my car seat was ruined and that was sitting on towels etc! It was Hindlip ruining my life and I was told that I would need a hysterectomy. The menopause eventually worked and my fibroid shrank to 3cm. I then had it removed surgically in March last year. I fell pregnant the following month and now I have a gorgeous wee girl, Brodie 💕 I hope this helps you see that it can be done! Don't be scared to get second opinions, I demanded another consultant at one point as the other one didn't listen to me and just kept telling me hysterectomy was my only choice. 
  • Also, I only had it partially removed as some as embedded in the womb wall and not safe to remove. So clearly I got pregnant with some of it still inside me so there is always hope! 
  • Hi Colpage, omg congrats first of all, I love the name 😍😍 your story is amazing, although I’m sorry to hear you had so much pain, your happy ending is exactly what I was hoping to hear...thank you so much for sharing! I’m definitely after wising up and have learned to push for tests etc, basically trust my own gut I suppose. I’m hoping I’m pregnant this month, but your story gives me further hope that I have options other the hysterectomy if I can’t conceive naturally. Did you only have one fibroid?
  • @Sisi203 and @colpage127 my bad I forgot to actually tag ye 🙈 thanks again for your responses, it helps to know I am not alone! 
  • Yes I had one but it made me bleed so heavily that there was no way I would ever get pregnant. There are women who manage to get pregnant whilst having fibroids and go on to have healthy babies etc without needing them taken out. I've read lots over the last couple of years!! To be honest, it totally depends where your fibroids are in your womb. 3cm is relatively small for a fibroid as well so I wouldn't be at panic stations just yet... I'm glad you're not shy about getting the doctors told! You know your own body... 
  • @colpage127 That’s awful, I think it’s mad we have to suffer on and just accept shitty advice from some doctors! I’m glad you had a positive outcome though, and it totally gives me hope. About one week from AF and driving myself mad thinking I have pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, going to the bathroom a lot) but trying not to get my hopes up. Just wish my appointment to find out where they are was sooner. Did you have any complications with your labour or pregnancy after the fibroid was removed? 
  • Absolutely no fibroid related problems at all. And I've had steady periods since having Brodie so all is well. Best of luck to you, hope it all works out for you 💕
  • @colpage127 thank you! All the best to you and little Brodie too 💕
  • My fibroids were 6 cm. And I couldn't get pregnant either. Treated by Dr. John S. Lipman. Child 2 years old.
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