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Hoping For A BFP In October- Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Hoping For A BFP In October- Part 1, as the earlier thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • New thread already and only 2 Oct 🙌🏼😂
  • @dd1001 if u still have hcg there still maybe progesterone keeping ur temp up, did u test yet if the lime is gone? I had fever from cd4 this cycle after mc, but my temp was still high at cd1-3. At cd3 my hcg was 12, so it could be smth similar for you.
  • New thread already 🤦‍♀️
  • Iv arrived too yay 
  • @MadDoda ah right I see - no I haven’t tested again yet - was going to wait for bleeding to stop before I tested again?
  •  hi everyone sorry been quiet work has been mega busy and OH is also in process of getting divorced which has now gone a bit messy after going for the 2 year amicable separation 😔.
    I have been trying to read along and keep up but damm this convo moves quickly 🥰
    love the support and help all the comments have been so useful for my first month of BBP 
    been pretty good taking it at 5-6am every day.
    did my first OPK today it’s low.
    we are going for a BD everyday this week approach will have to a silent one tonight though as the kids are home 🤣
    I have been using this book to learn about charting along with the wise BPP advice in here, I am a bit of a geek when it comes to learning so have really enjoyed learning about it x

  • @dd1001 that's the best option and meantime observe the temp, I'm curious how it work too and I couldn't see coz of fever.
  • HerestohopingHerestohoping Regular
    edited Oct 2, 2019 8:54AM
    @maddoda my chart so far this cycle.. Wondering when ov will be coming... Dropped to the lowest temp today but my opks are still low. Will do another mid morning today which usually shows the best line. Cd12 had been my ov day twice recently but I'm irregular so that may mean nothing as only 2 times. Just wanted to share update

  • @Herestohoping u never know, u may get a peak opk any moment. My chart is a mess.

  • Morning ladies how’s everyone doing? 
    Crikey we are a bunch of yaps haha!!
    @MadDoda am same I have no idea what my body is doing? I do think am about to ov soon but who knows? I haven’t ever ovulated this early but because of not knowing what’s going on am actually less stressed and know I can’t control what my body wants to do right now so just taking it as it comes.
    Just pray I still have some healthy eggs left in there....

  • Good morning everyone hoping everyone is well  congratulations to everyone  who gotten their bfps so far 😊 and those who are still waiting  sending lots of baby dust  ❤  😊  how ever  I think I may be out this month  I dont think I ovulated this month due to no strong temp rise  idk could be because my temperature  gets taken kind of all over the place ranging from 230 and 4 am inbetwee those times because of my crazy sleep  schedule  and having to bathroom every 2.5 to 3 hrs 🙁 and af is set to be due in 9 days  but going to just try keep my fingers crossed till then 

  • @maddoda yes I am watching out for it! Religiously! How come your chart has triangles? This must frustrate you as you are data mad... :P I'm glad you said you are feeling relaxed. The good thing is.. Bd matters most so you got that covered
  • Hi ladies, I went back to bed so just catching up. 
    For those that asked, I have interstitial cystitis (chronic inflammation of the bladder) which affects my kidneys too. Anything from a certain food, too much BD and stress can trigger it. 
    My body reacts by mimicking UTI symptoms and then my bladder becomes inflamed and sore because it has next to no protective lining. It causes spasms which leads to urine retention, which then aggravates my kidneys! 
    There's no cure for it sadly, I just have to manage the symptoms as best I can. I was on a heap of medications and daily pain relief but stopped everything at the beginning of the year to TTC. 

    Sorry for the long post! 
  • @MissM2203 I hope u ov early so u will chance next cycle, I'm fine it's just sleeping pattern change affects the temps and create a mess, but I don't rly care.

    @Herestohoping triangles up coz I take temps lot later than usual. I used toalways temp about 4.30 that's my pee time, but lately I hit a teeth guard for grinding and quit job so I sleep better and I end up waking up at 7. That's causes a mess, also last night Gabi woke up at 3am screaming (teething) so it totally disrupted my night. I'm getting ewcm so I think I will ov soon too.

    @Mskiki87 actually I think u ovulated at cd15-16 and are having first or second rise, u should have ff mark it tomorrow or day after. From marked day u count 14 days and that's when ur af will be due, not in 9 days. Unless u have shorter luteal phase, but if u don't know how long it is then assume standard 14 days  and test then.
  • @MadDoda no don’t feel feverish or unwell, I will keep monitoring.
    i started bbt on cd3 last month and temp was around 36-36.1 
  • @dd1001 situation is different this time u can't compare it with last cycle. I would think it will drop by the end of bleeding.

    @Emmy012 I'm so sorry the autoimmunity is the worse, when my symptoms are the worse I go gluten and dairy free and it helps. There is nothing else u can do sadly. I hope ur symptoms will go in remission quickly. Luckily u oved so  u can relax with bd.
  • @MadDoda thanks lovely, was diagnosed about 6 years ago but have had it since my teens. Definitely autoimmune related but there's not much research into the cause just managing symptoms based on each individual. Diet is key for me and keeping hydrated. Hopefully it will pass and I can feel a bit better. 
    Temp was still high This morning so FF should confirm OV tomorrow if it's still high.
  • Mskiki87Mskiki87 Regular
    edited Oct 2, 2019 10:03AM
    @MadDoda thank you how do I get FF  to mark it? Also in September  af came after cd 25 so cd 26 actually cd1 cause  I started af but in August  af showed up after cd 28 so not sure of my luteal phase  

  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Oct 2, 2019 10:04AM
    @Mskiki87 ff marks automatically after 3 rises or 3 days of high temps. So u just need to wait. I think ur heading for 30 day cycle if we assume standard 14 days lp. U can't know lp length without previous bbt tracking. That's why I suggest assuming 14 days this time, to not test too early. I would say today ur 1dpo. Welcome to tww
  • @MadDoda thank you so much for your helpful insight my mind is more at ease now  I'm going to continue to temp and chart and see what comes of it  so is it normal  to get  af on different cycles days each month? I the shortest cycle I had was in july when I had af twice  first was 23 day cycle then the 1 after was 19 day cycle 

    I will post   pic from june and july so u can see what I mean 
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