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I'm considering doing acupuncture as the lady in the store I visited said it can help with getting pregnant but does anyone know how true that is? She may have just been trying to drum up some business 


  • Hey, I used acupuncture a few years ago before I got pregnant with my son. I can highly recommend trying it at least, if nothing else they help you to relieve tension and relax during your pregnancy journey. I read that studies find these techniques do have a benefit but who knows. Acupuncture helps to improve blood flow and circulation through your body. It may not seem like that but it could be. Using traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture I was told that they will be “able to address the root causes of my fertility issues”. Whatever it was, it worked!  Still, if you need some more information, I’ve researched an interesting article, please have a look:

  • I’m having acupuncture at the moment - 4th session today. 
    I’m taking Chinese meds to support it aswell. 
    I can’t say much about its CD potential success yet but I can definitely say it’s helping my mental health!
    im starting to feel much more like the old me …. I laugh again and feel soooo much lighter! 
    I’d highly recommend it even if it doesnt get the pregnancy success. 
    Make sure you find a good therapist though - my guy actually has 18 years fertility specialisation so knows his stuff 👌🏼 (Cornwall)

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