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My temp chart

Hi lovely ladies.  I have been temping since Thursday just gone. I know I haven’t got much data on there yet but I think mines quite clear to see something has happened.  I have just finished my first cycle of Clomid and it’s made me have a 28 day cycle as from what my OPKs and my temp chart are saying I ovulated yesterday. (CD14).  I got my peak opk on Saturday evening.  I usually have long cycles due to having PCOS, so it’s nice to have a normal cycle and see such dark opks 😍😍

Im new to all this temping etc, does my chart look like Iv ovulated? 


  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Oct 7, 2019 10:24AM
    Hi it is possible, but u need 3 consecutive rises or 3 high temps to be sure. That app is very unclear, try ff many of us use it it's much easier to read and it is very good at marking ovulation.
  • What is FF?  I do think I have ovulated because of my opks. I’ve just done another OPK and that’s negative now so the LH surge has gone. 
  • Fertility friend, lh surge doesn't mean there was an egg. Sometimes u don't have mature egg ready to nothing is released after surge. Bbt rise gives u confirmation of egg presence. U have a rise which is a good sign, but u need a bit more to be sure.
  • Okay I’ll download it now. Thank you. 
  • I just downloaded the FF app but didn’t like it. I’ll stick to my Ovia one. 

  • Does ovia mark ov? Anyway use what u feel good with, but see what ur temp does next two days and it should give u definite confirmation. Good luck
  • What do you mean mark ov?  On my calendar it says I ovulated yesterday.  Fingers crossed my Temp stays high 🤞🏻 I’ve never ever had a positive opk due to hormone imbalance, so the clomid has deffinatly done something!  I got a positive opk Friday afternoon, I then got my static smiley on CB digital on Friday evening, and all day Saturday they were positive so maybe I have a longer LH SURGE.  I have done a opk today and that’s negative.   I find all of these really confusing!  Since last Tuesday I have felt really tender round my ovary area & lower backaches.  It’s still there now, but yesterday was really really tender and that was ovulation day.  Wonder what’s going on in there now lol. 

  • @Rachel.a21 you are opk expert, am I wrong or the scanning is wrong in here. They should all be the same direction lol.

    Ff analyzes all data together, ur temp ur opk ur CM and marks ovulation. Predictor apps like ovia go only by average calculation and are not very good with data analysis.

    Some pop get longer lh surge, that's true so u should count from first highest reading.

    Tenderness can be associated with progesterone spiking it's normal! Since u just started meds many things u experience can be different
  • I’m aware that some are the wrong way round lol. See what I mean by it’s all new to me lol.   But my darkest opk was 10:15pm and on Saturday and 1:35pm Sunday. 
    Also my CM was very watery & OH said when we dtd on Friday & Saturday that it felt really slippery (sorry tmi) but that’s another sign isn’t it. 
    Yes think its the meds meds because it’s balancing all my hormones as they should be.  I thought the tenderness would of gone by now being as my fertile window has been & gone.  
  • @MadDoda. So Iv put my BBT in that FF chart but because Iv only got like 4 says of readings there’s not much to go by but even on that chart there’s a dip and then shoots back up again. 

  • Type your commenthere. 
  • Yeah since you are scanning them the wrong way, it’s reading the control line as your test line. Try reentering your tests because the test that’s mark as peak is very low. 
  • Wait two days and ff may mark ovulation. 
  • @Rachel.a21 yes I’ll re enter them now. But I could see just by looking a thing them that i was at my peak because of how dark the lines was.  The CD13 at 10:15 the test line was darker than the control line. 
  • @Rachel.a21 which way is the right way round ? 🤣 .. 
  • The part you dip needs to be facing left and the green part should be on the right 
  • @Rachel.a21 it’s not letting me redo them now for some reason. 
  • @Rachel.a21 but if you look @ the photo I uploaded if you put them the right way around the CD13 2:54 one the test line is darker than the control and same goes for the CD13 8:21 
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