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Evap or vvfp?!

Title says it really... I'm 2 days late for my period so took a test this morning and this is the result..
Took another a few hours later and there's still a line but even fainter

What do you guys think? Thanks!


  • I’m not sure I see a line. I would test again in a couple of days 

  • Taken another test, definite like but it's a squinter! Can't tell if it's an evap or not 
  • It’s hard for me to tell in the pic since it’s far away. Have you tried a first response early response? They are more sensitive and show sooner. I would test again in 1-2 days with first morning urine
  • @Rachel.a21 no i haven't, I've got 3 asda tests left so will get some frer when I run out 😊 thank you x
  • Good luck! Keep me posted when you test again
  • Took another this morning and it's still the same result! I'm just convincing myself they're all evap but I've taken 4 now and they've all been the same 😞 I think ill get a frer today and try with a 4 hour hold
  • I would wait and try with first morning urine. It will be better for results 
  • I got my BFP!! On a 2 hour hold! 😊
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