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Is this a positive?

Hi all,

ive taken a pregnancy test every day for the past 4 days and all have come with very faint lines. I have a long cycle (30-36 days) so even though it’s still early, technically I’m over 4 weeks since my last period. 

I took a test yesterday and this morning and I feel like this one is the strongest result I’ve had so far. It’s a pregnancy test where a cross is positive. I have taken it apart now (I didn’t do it until way after and everything had settled). It looks like a thin blue but the part that is nearest to the control line seems to be a thicker (as in the test line is thicker than it looks but part of that you can’t see over picture). It hasn’t lost any colour and is solid blue. The bottom picture is the full cross (I feel like it’s not strong enough to come through!) 

I just want your guys opinion. I have had 4 positive tests now everyday but I guess I’m still a little skeptical! 

Opinions are welcome but please be nice 😆



  • Lol girl u went off on the test lollll
    looks positive to me
  • @Revbomb lol I definitely did  :D
  • Unfortunately, blue dye tests are pretty unreliable. I would get a first response early response and test with that if you can
  • I have also done pink dye ones. They are the ones I did a few days ago. They showed up a faint line. It was very faint and but they did come up within the time frame 
  • Have you tried a first response early response? They are more sensitive so will show a darker positive sooner
  • I’ve just taken a urinalysis strip and tested positive for ++ leukocytes and positive for nitrites (on the higher end of the scale). I’ve heard that UTIs can be common in early pregnancy or that leukocytes can be picked up in early pregnancy without a UTI.

    do you think this is a good sign for me?
  • I don’t think I would rely on that to confirm pregnancy. I would wait and test again tomorrow or the next day with a pregnancy test 
  • Just to update, I woke up this morning bleeding. Seems somewhere between light and heavy, definitely not spotting. Just feel gutted and even though they were faint lines they were definitely lines. Just so confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ 
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