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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 6

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5 peeps, as the earlier thread has nearly reached the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Hey guys new thread again just posting so dont miss any new posts xxx
  • Hope everyone is doing okay xx 
  • Thanks Danielle 
  • I’m here too, hope all you ladies are well xxx 
  • Also here.
    @Trying4number2now glad that the spotting has stopped.  I've read that this is also normal especially during early pregnancy so it's likely nothing to worry about.  

    I'm enjoying Paris so far. I've a bit of time after the conference tmrw, so I'm thinking of going on a boat cruise, but I don't know if this is really a good idea given my condition 🤔
  • I’m sure it will be fine, they are very leisurely and slow. Although even walking aimlessly around Paris is a lovely way to spend the afternoon 
  • Hi girls,

    @Trying4number2now glad spotting has stopped. As Gena said if you're worried at all then rig your midwife. Hoping the time to your dating scan goes quickly. 

    @Lacey Till did you get your baseline scan booked in? 

    @Giegie enjoy your boat ride and down time. Sounds amazing. 

    @Flowers2412 how are you getting on? You must be towards the end of tww? 

    @Genabella hoping the rest if the tww goes quickly for you and you get hubby's SA results. When do you get your bloods done? 
  • @sas1101 baseline scan is all booked for Friday morning. Good luck starting the buserelin tomorrow xx 

    @Genabella I hope the tww goes quickly too! 

    @Giegie enjoy Paris! I hope you are feeling well? xx 
  • Hi ya girls, af isn’t due for another about 11 days Sas, hope you are ok xxx Giegie glad you are enjoying Paris xxx Trying hope you are ok xxx Lacey good luck with your scan Friday xxx Genabella hope you are well xxx
  • Not sure if last night I had ovulation? I’m so confused as felt ovulation pains a few days ago yet had even more of my ovulation pains/aches last night. we bd to cover ourselves but think now I’m only just in the tww? I’m cd17 today so not sure what’s to expect lol xxx

    hope is the everyone is ok xxx 
  • Hi ladies hope ur all good. I’m on day 20. Have to go for bloods tomoro for day 21. Last 2months my cycle has been 24 or 25 days long so not sure what will happen this month, tho I think I ovulated on day 13 or 14, I had cramps in and off then.
  • Hi guys,
    Flowers hunni you can have ovulation pains b4, during and after so not sure hunni also sometimes your body trys to release an egg but fails so trys again could be that but either way it's good you bd again just in case good luck with 2ww xxx

    Genabella good luck with rest of 2ww hunni and with blood test xxx

    I'm feeling bit off today but have had my flu jab probably that, hope everyone else is ok xxx 
  • Hello all,

    @Flowers2412 keep bding just to cover yourself. FC for you. 

    @Trying4number2now sending hugs love. Hoping you feel better soon. 

    @Genabella hope CD21 bloods ok and FC this cycle. 

    Hope everyone else is well. Xx
  • Thanks sas hunni hope your ok? Xxx
  • I'm ok trying, already having side effects from nasal spray 😒 having mild dizzy spells for about an hour after I spray and a mild headache. Hoping it subsides. Other than that all good 😊 Are you coming down with a cold? Xx
  • Dont think so hunni think its side effect from the flu jab today xxx hope your side effects subside soon hunni xxx
  • @sas1101 oh no sorry to hear you’re getting side effects already. Hot flushes are a definite thing for me now and feeling a little more tired than usual but other than that I feel okay. Just praying my scan goes well on Friday! 

    @Trying4number2now I hope you feel better soon! 

    @Genabella good luck with your bloods. 

    @Flowers2412 I get pains throughout my cycle so it’s hard to pin point exactly what’s ovulation. Try not to read too much into it (I know it’s hard) xx 
  • @Lacey Till the dreaded hot flushes! I've been experiencing those for a couple of years now, they are awful. Thin PJ's are a must!!! Are you experiencing them during the day too? Glad you're fairing well. FC all is well with scan (I'm sure it will be). Has your AF been pretty much the same or heavier? Xx
  • @sas1101 Thank you! I am getting the hot flushes on and off all day and waking up in a lovely pool of sweat most nights. I’m thinking of putting the summer duvet back on lol. 

    I suffer with heavy periods anyways but I wouldn’t say this one has been any worse than usual. Except the hot flushes 🥵 they started Sunday when af arrived. 
  • @Lacey Till I keep telling myself it's all got to be worth it 🤞🤞🤞
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