TTC hoping for a BFP in November! - Part 2



  • Thank you both, I’ve called and asked to see someone today. So F****** annoying 😩. 
  • The problem is they do not prescribe progesterone in UK so easily, stupid morons. Fight! Or at least request blood test fit progesterone.
  • @VRob123 it’s such a stressful journey ttc! I really hope they see you and give you something to help. I was like this with my baby but I needed steroids (so obviously different) but you’d do anything for them to give you something that gives you a fighting
  • MadDoda said:
    The problem is they do not prescribe progesterone in UK so easily, stupid morons. Fight! Or at least request blood test fit progesterone.
    It may be silly, and I know it’s an artificial form, but I have some Cerazette tablets still which are a pop pill. Did wonder if they would work as a last chance option 🤷‍♀️
  • @VRob123 ohmygod 🤞🏽🤞🏽 - stand your ground and demand some kind of help! 
  • @VRob123 praying that this time that little one sticks in there, sending positive thoughts.  Hopefully the docs can suggest something.
  • I shouldn’t have tested. 11dpo. It was disappointing 🤦🏼‍♀️ Still may be too early to test. I felt impulsive. Silly me! Gotta BFN. Still holding out until af does or doesn’t arrive. Expected Friday. 
  • @VRob123 I don't know what are these. So I can say, but if it's plane progesterone it could do some work. Not sure about the dose tho
  • @VRob123 amazing! 🤞 go and demand, say it’s causing you massive anxiety.

    @dd1001 have you been yet??
  • MadDoda said:
    @VRob123 I don't know what are these. So I can say, but if it's plane progesterone it could do some work. Not sure about the dose tho
    Well technically it’s desogestrel, it says not to take whilst pregnant but I fell pregnant on it 4 years ago with my daughter 🤷‍♀️. Maybe a last ditch attempt!

    thank you everyone for the well wishes. Not hopeful but will see what the doc says when they call back! 
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    @VRob123 fingers crossed for you 🤞 praying it’s a little sticky one this time! You deserve it x

    @Aliciab90 would that one be the [email protected] thermometer? That’s about how much mine cost, it uploads itself via Bluetooth etc.  Saves me waking up too much to read the numbers lol!  It beeps when you turn it on, beeps when it’s got the reading and beeps when it turns off. It’s enough to wake my OH up but if I hide under the duvet it works 🤣.

    @dd1001 good luck today!

    sorry to anyone who thinks I don’t pull my weight in this forum also, I try but it’s sooo busy. By time I sit down in the evening and catch up some messages are like 10 hours old and have already been replied to so I just ignore them. I don’t mean to be rude.  If you have any direct messages feel free to tag and I’ll come on specifically to rely.  
    Sometimes it’s also a little annoying when you give advice and then get ignored but I think we just all need to appreciate everyone is busy and it’s so difficult sometimes. 👶🏼 
  • @MadDoda
    Good for u not wasting the brains you have been blessed with! 
    You haven’t given yourself an easy ride but when u have done it all what an almighty pat on the back u can give yourself for such brilliance! 
    I would love to be in group with all of u moaning about swollen feet and insufferable peeing during the night so let’s hope we can all make it happen.
    Hopefully ur DH won’t hear that one, the one I use is a cheap one from EBay and it’s quiet but takes a while to read so I might go all out and buy a better one.
    Good luck keep us posted 
    Bless you, I can imagine how frustrating it must be to try and get a Dr appt.
    I really hope they make one available to u and you can get what u need 

  • @VRob123 don't take any rush decision. Deep breath first and see what happens. I can look into this meds more after u talk to gp. U know I can find anything if I need to. 

    @MissM2203 thanks a lot ur being too nice to me. It's not gonna end any soon. I want PhD.  ATM looking for good publications I could use for essay. This reccurent miscarriage shit is flashing constantly... That's what I have to write about, can't believe it. FFS 

  • Thank you everyone!

    @Aliciab90 no not yet - just got to doctors office - waiting to go in 😬

    @VRob123 they better get back to you ASAP!!
  • @MadDoda @dd1001 thank you. They’re usually good at getting in touch so hopefully not long. Perhaps I’ll play the tears card, they can’t leave me with nothing surely!! They only do blood tests of a morning though, will have to see what they say. 

    Good luck on the appointment!!! 

    It’s not fair you having to do a paper on that. How heartbreaking! 
  • @VRob123 my own fault xd, I overslept for release of topics and was whose first gets best. That was onlybone left damn it. Mb I learn smth useful again.  It's about molecule which is responsible for preventing feral tissue rejection by the mother. And if it's not working well causes mcs and many other problems. 
  • @SR19 no, it’s Femometer, never tried a posh one like this before 😂

    @MissM2203 the reviews say that it takes a while to record, but I’m thinking that a good thing for me because at least the beeps will be spaced out more 😂

    @dd1001 omgggggg good luck. Hope you get answers!
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    Oh,  I just found why vit d is important in implantation. It promotes invasion of fetal trophoblast into maternal uterine decidua. Good to know xd
  • @SR19
    You have no need to apologise.
    I don’t answer much at all and it’s not because am ignorant it’s just that I don’t think my knowledge is as great as the professionals on here like MadDoda, Rachel, Cloudrainbow etc
    If am tagged I will do my best to answer tho 
  • @dd1001 you done yet? 

    It's like a TV drama live lol
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