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BBT chart help?

Hi this is my first month but charting and I’m not really getting the hang of it! 
The purple column is the day I got my positive smiley on a Clearblue opk.. either 9/10dpo but bfn this morning... does it look like a chart that could be positive?
any help would be appreciated! Thank you xxxx


  • It’s hard to say right now since you’re only 9/10 dpo. That’s still early to test. The temps will help more when you get to when AF is due
  • Agree with @Rachel.a21 - too early. Chart looks good but test after your period is due and missed x
  • Thanks guys :) I’ll wait and keep fingers crossed! Xx
  • Claire1234939Claire1234939 Regular
    edited Nov 12, 2019 2:01PM
    So af due today, nothing yet had brown spotting Sunday and abit today.. what do you think of my chart? X

  • How long is ur usual lp. To be at looks like u are only 12dpo. I don't see whole chart so can't be sure, and this app smooth the peaks and is harder to read. Fertility friend is better. 
  • Not sure, normally 26 days altogether and af normally comes 13days after first positive opk.. not entirely sure what lp means! x

  • That’s my whole chart x
  • Lp is luteal phase, it's time after ovulation until af. No matter how regular u are ttc will mess it up if it didn't yet it may any time. So ur cycle may vary, the variability cones from follicle phase length, that's time from af until ovulation. But lp always stay consistent. It's the best predictor of af due date. If u don't know ur lp assume standard 14 days until u know. In which case ur after isn't due yet.

    Opk give u idea of possible ov window. But it's not precise exactly to a day, but if  u get af 13 days after positive opk. It means ur lp is around 12-13 days. Which means ur af is due withing next two days. 

    For now looks good, ur temp stays up. Often u get a drop in temp a day or two before af, sometimes on the day of af or like me at cd3-4. It's a good indication of possible pregnancy, but u will know only after u have couple charts.
  • Ah right ok, thanks for explaining. Well it’s 13 days today since the positive opk which is normally when I’d come on. But just have to wait and see, like you say may be in a couple day’s. x
  • Fingers crossed it will not arrive! Good luck
  • Thank you! Me too 🤞
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