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Implantation bleeding or period *TMI*

Evening :) sorry if this post is abit gruesome! But I'm going out my mind. Me & partner have been TTC for the past 2 months, I'm currently 15DPO and have this very pink spotting only when I wipe it's not enough to reach my underwear. What do you guys think x


  • Hey @Avasmommy14 I really hope it's implantation bleeding! I don't know if anyone could say one way or another, unfortunately because like everything in ttc world it could be a great sign, or just be totally normal cycle related thing. How long is your Luteal phase usually? (At what dpo does AF usually come) I had some pink spotting this cycle, just like yours, only when wiped. It was around 11 DPO and AF doesn't show till 13 or 14 DPO and I'd never spotted before so I was so hopeful, but it was just spotting unfortunately as I'm now on CD 2. So we never can really tell with these things. But I've read implantation bleeding is light pink or dark brown (weird that it's one and/or the other but not red, right?) So that seems pretty promising!! Fingers crossed this is it for you!!
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