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Not sure what is going on. Any thoughts?

edited Nov 30, 2019 1:58AM in Trying to conceive
Hello everyone I am new to this blog thing but thought it would be a good idea to read and share with other women. I am 33 never been pregnant but recently a few things have been of concern to me. Even my cat is tripping me out. He is not super cuddly but literally follows me everywhere and has to lay close to me and across my stomach.  My menstrual is usually between maybe 35-38 days and always 7 days no matter what. We have been trying for a few months but Sept we got serious about it and were very proactive in making sure we BD around the time I should have been ovulating and like 2 days after just to be sure. So This past AF in Sept was rather light the first 2-3 days with next to no cramps.The last 4 days more like spotting. October comes and breast were sore the entire month,light cramps,bloated here and there,some days extremely tired and just all sorts of weird things that are not normal for me. Oct 10th was the day my menstrual came on and again very light not like my normal period. I took a PT just to see and got a BFN. Here we are in Nov. breast still super sore,been having super vivid dreams, crying at every little thing,headaches,still light cramping,twinge feeling. Today Nov. 29th what I assume is AF has started,this is CD 58. So it's 13 days late. I will see how my week goes but I'm just so thrown being as though it comes as it should every month give or take a day. But this is just weird in my opinion. So to me I'm thinking I'm not pregnant because I think this is AF but idk..... HOPING this will stop and I get some good news. Would be the best Christmas ever!


  • Animals can sense pregnacy :) my dog same follows me every were lol have you re-tested? If no look definitely go doctors love & fingers crossed 4 you 💗 xxx 
  • @Ashleyanne I haven't only because it seems as if AF started yesterday.  But yesterday and today thus far had been super dark,very light flow. On the tampon but nothing when I wipe. I have read that a lot of people say wait til the bleeding is over but this is all new to me. I have plenty so I could just test now and later for the hell of it. 
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