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Implantation dip

So I'm 8dpo today. I woke up to a slight dip in my temp.. Back ache and a ache/pain under my ribcage left hand side. I had a bit of back ache yest but the feelin under rib cage is new. 
Could this be an implantation dip or does it have to be more of a dip (bigger drop in temp?) 
Don't want to get my hopes up too high.. 


  • Hi, it's just temp fluctuation, dip should be more prominent even below cover line. And still it wouldn't be indication of pregnancy, but only a higher chance. 
  • Deep down I kinda knew that but wanted to clarify. Cheers hun. Still hopin for the best,all we can do hey. How's things ur side hun?haven't spoke for a while.
  • You chart is looking rly good so I'm hoping u will get that bfp soon!

    I'm focusing on my exams atm avoiding thinking about ttc. But I bded a lot and ovulated will see.
  • Thankyou hun :-) In what way is it looking good?
    They say when u don't try so hard... u will prob get your bfp this time then lol. Fingers crossed for us both.
  • It's nice balanced and stable, u definitely ovulated too. U can't predict pregnancy, but it's nice to see ur cycle and hormones works well.

    Well my problem isn't getting pregnant but maintaining it so I don't have much hope. But thanks
  • Thankyou hun. I've Just had some bloods done Aswel to make sure all is ok. My cycles are more regulated now tho since taking seven seas trying for a baby and have gone from 24 days to 28. 
    Aww bless u.. but still.. there's always hope. Think positive hey 
  • Me again!! Im a pain lol.What do you think to this.. I was expecting it to level out with what I was getting before  ... befo different from my previous cycles. And yest/last night I was gettin shooting sharp stinging pains in top of pubic area x
  • Shooting pains could be anything, I would ignore that. At this stage temp is just fluctuating, it's too early for af drop,mb in 3 days a drop would mean af atm it's all normal. Just hold on,  not long to go, fx
  • Thanks again hun. I cant help but think something is happening :-( them pains /feelings were defo noticeable and never had them before. This is torture lol. Guess only time will tell. As for my temp .. it has been a lot colder the last few nights mayb that's has made an impact :-( x
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