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Faint Positive FR negative clear blue digital

Hi ladies,

New to all this but my mind is going into overdrive. Due AF next Thursday 5.12.19. Have felt unwell this week so did a test it looked negative til I went to throw away and looked again ended up dismantling the test and this was the result. Did another one got similar result.. anyways went to work picked up a clear blue digital and got a big fat not pregnant! Could it be a chemical pregnancy. Have to children but TTC for the last 2 years with no luck yet. Any advice on this would be appreciated Thursdays so long away ! Xx


  • Unfortunately, taking the tests apart can cause evap lines. If you do see a line, I would test again when AF is closer to see if it’s darker. Digital tests need a lot more HCG to detect pregnancy, so a very faint positive on a FRER means a digital won’t pick it up for a few days. Fingers crossed!
  • Thank you I only took it apart to see if I could see it clearer. Just waiting til Thursday this is why I shouldn't test early I will never learn x
  • It’s so hard to not test early! I think we have all been there 🙂 I know I have!
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