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Help! dye patterns on Femometer PT?

edited Nov 30, 2019 4:54PM in Trying to conceive
So I bought these cheap ‘Femometer’ ovulation/pregnancy pack of test strips off amazon. The ovulation tests worked great but the pregnancy tests..

Now I know its super early but I got strong NEGs on DPO 6-8 then on DPO 9-11 Ive gotten strange results (see picture) I honestly dont think the camera picks up some of the lines but there are super faint ones on all DPO 9-11, including that abnormal dye pattern. Ive taken a couple first responses with strong NEGs as well as one Walmart cheapy with NEG too.

So who else has used this ‘Femometer’ brand and how did you find it for pregnancy testing!? Im pretty confused and frustrated at this point... 


  • I have used these tests in the past, all have correctly shown bfn. However I have since read some reviews that suggest the tests may not be as sensitive as they claim to be....i.e shown as bfn when other tests have shown clear bfp, so I am a little unsure about using them again. 
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