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TTC after MC

Hello everyone
So back in August I was pregnant and went for a scan at 11 weeks sadly my baby’s heart beat stopped at around 9 weeks and I had a D&C. I have again started trying infact we started trying again straight away after my first period, I have since had 3 periods but we have been trying and I just seem to struggle every time I come on because I just well I’m gutted in all honesty as I thought it would of happened by there any tips anyone can give or isit literally just keep trying till it happens? 


  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Dec 1, 2019 1:13AM
    I mced 3 times and what I can tell u from my experience , you have to track ovulation or u may not catch the egg. I track bbt, I normally have 30 day cycle and ovulate at cd15 but around all this mcs, I ovulated at CD 10, 11, 16, 18 , 17 and had cycles ranging from 23-33 days. Mc messes up everything, even how u experience ur cycle, so I strongly suggest u at least do opk and consider bbt. I'm so sorry for ur loss and I hope u will get ur bfp soon.
  • As @MadDoda said mc messing up everything.
     OpK is best way really.
    Also remember often after MC your ovulation might be non-fertile
  • Thankyou for the advice both of you, I’m definitely going to track my ovulation, my cycles have been every 28 days since mc which is what they were before but I think I may be missing when I ovulate by sounds of it xx
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