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Hoping For A BFP In January <3 New Year New BFP



  • Emmy012 said:
    @ginajolly90 morning lovely ❤️
    Temp rise indeed this morning! Hopefully OV confirmed soon. What a cycle! 
  • @RememberToBreathe it's only taken 24 days for a temp rise 😂
  • Emmy012 said:
    @RememberToBreathe it's only taken 24 days for a temp rise 😂
    But now you have one, must be a relief. Just checked my charts and the longest I had to wait after MC was actually CD20 (looked at wrong one yesterday!) and it meant we ended up missing the window because I was so sure it would still have happened at the usual time. I didn’t use FF then so only worked it out afterwards. I admire your perseverance!
  • Ahaha @Catlady220 you are such an impressive night owl! Maybe I should have said I'm glad he enjoyed the first couple of hours of his birthday 😂🙈 Ah ok, cd14, so not long (ish) to go now! Hope you have more a cd18 than a cd28 this month. Thank god you temp and opk otherwise you'd be one of those who be at completely the wrong time for conception! 

    @Emmy012 hurrah! That's great news. You really had a long wait for that one! Fingers crossed ov is confirmed in a couple of days 🤞🤞
  • @ginajolly90 @RememberToBreathe yeah it's definitely been a wait and FF hasn't confirmed yet but hopefully soon. We've had so much BD this cycle mainly just for fun and also to cover any bizzare situations as I was fully prepared for a strange cycle. I'm just glad I've got an equally determined OH! 3 night's rest in 24 days haha we've been thoroughly enjoying each other 🙊

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    May the new thread bring lots of luck. 
  • @RememberToBreathe I take the local mine took about 45mins but that was under general with 5 polyps being removed at the same time, did you have internal ultrasound? Xx
  • Congratulations girls ❤️ that's wonderful news I'm so happy for you guys 😘 

    I don't think my cycle is acting normal anyone right now so I'll see what  going to do, however I am no longer going to take opks. Since my cycle can go from 30cd to 90cd I don't see the point any more. Me and boyfriend will just bd when we can and see what happens. I will still temp but I don't wanna stress myself out with opks anymore, it's no fun.

    Anyway, are you guys changing anything about your routines this month? Adding anything or leaving anything out?
  • Congratulations on the BFP girls, hope your lines get darker 🙏🏻xx 
  • Congrats on the BFP ☺️
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