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TTC 1 year. How to stop thinking about it?

Hi guys! 
Hope your all well. Just joined this group as would love to chat to people who are in the same boat as me. 
Me and my husband have been ttc for 1 year now and It’s making me so stressed out. I literally can’t stop thinking about getting pregnant, I know everyone says that when you actually try it dosent happen. But how can you not try when your trying? 
I pretty much feel stressed all the time, just like general everyday stuff and work plus I’m always tired so I know none of this is helping. 
Also people ask me all the time about when I’m getting pregnant or saying relax it will happen. But this is just making it worse! 
Anyone else in this same situation? X


  • Hi, I’m in the same situation... only we are trying over the year now. Every time my AF arrives I break down and cry my eyes out. But then I’m ok again for 3 weeks. Then the second week of 2ww is stressing. Trying not to test early, but always use cheap test a day or two before af. Seen some evap lines and vv faint ones, but nothing worth keeping my hopes up. Also, starting to have this idea after a light period, that I might be pregnant. Gosh, sometimes I sound like a crazy lady. 
    So I do understand you all 100% xx
  • Exact same boat as both of you..literally as crazy as possible. AF due in 2 days and freaking out
  • Had sharp pain during one day past ovulation and I could sense that implementation did occur. But now have a strong sense of my body that I am going to get my AF with lower backache, moodswings and leg cramps. Starting to break down already even though AF hasn’t arrived. 
  • I know its so frustrating isent it. Couple of months ago I bought so many pregnancy tests as I was 10 days late I must have took about 10 in a week. I’d never been that late before so I was pretty sure I was pregnant but then AF came on the 11th day. Then this month I was 2 weeks late so again got my hopes up but I was just really late. Don’t know if my body is still trying to get back to normal after coming off the pill but I’m getting so impatient now. Going to the doctors at the end of the month anyway to get a check up. I just feel like I can’t relax at all and it’s starting to becoming like a chore now. I  hope it happens for you both very soon xx
  • Yeah it does feel like a chore now @Mel1989 you are so right! Can’t enjoy the process anymore. And nothing makes it easier. I will keep fingers crossed for all of us, that the bfp comes in a month or two. Xx
  • Me too girls! Im just trying to eat healthy as best I can drink lots of juice instead of fizzy pop, I’m taking the vitamins and try and exercise regulary. Got to get our minds focussed on something else! X
  • Hello you guys! Hope you are all keeping well. @Mel1989 can I ask have your cycles not settled at all in the last year after coming off pill? As I'm having similar issues. I am currently cd40 when my cycles are normally 26 days (pre pill) I went off pill on 7th Nov and period came 16th Dec and since then nothing. I think af is def gonna be here in next few days but these long and drawn out cycles are making me crazy already!!! 
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 hey yeah I’m pretty similar, only the last few months though and I’ve been off the pill a year. For the first like 10 months coming off the pill I was pretty much on time and periods lasting about 3 days the same as when I was on the pill. But the last couple months they starting changing, I had a 1 day period, then the next month it was 6 days long and I was 10 days late and then 2 weeks late, so don’t really know what’s going on at the moment. It’s so annoying isent it! X
  • @Mel1989 that is awful. It's so hard when things are so messed up. Especially as yours had been so settled. Have you made a gp appointment? Did you ovulate okay coming off pill? My issue isn't even so much the long cycles at Mo. It is the cramps and pms that I am getting throughout the cycle. It's getting me down and I just want a normal cycle again for my own sanity! 
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 I know I don’t understand it at all. I never checked if I was ovulating normally when I came off the pill I just assumed I was. Yes I’ve got an appointment at the doctors on Mon so will see what they say. 
    Aw bless you! Our bodies are so strange aren’t they, Sometimes I’ll have really bad pains then sometimes hardly anything it’s confusing. I read up about things on the internet about aches and pains through the cycle and thinking it’s pregnancy signs but as there both so similar it’s hard to tell so I’ve gave up and it was driving me mad constantly searching things so I'm not looking anymore.
    Have you got an appointment with your GP? I bet your body is trying to adjust straight away coming off the pill and hopefully soon your cycles will be normal again. X
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