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Cervical Mucus

Hello ladies so sorry for the pic but is this a good sign of ovulation is coming or has already happened , I haven’t had EWCM in a long time around ovulation so hoping this is a good sign did take an ovulation test but was only a faint second line and my temp was 36.25 this morning. would appreciate the advice☺️


  • Hi, I ovulate at 3rd-4th day of ewcm,  so u may get peak opk soon and temp rise two days after.
  • Sorry forgot to add, that ewcm is necessarily reliable as it can appear thought out the cycle. So bd and trust ur opk and bbt
  • @MadDoda Thankyou , would you say this is EWCM and does it look like a good sign that ovulation is on its way , Ive still done my temp this morning and also an ovulation test , so hoping its a good sign as I’ve not had any EWCM like that for years. Thankyou☺️xx
  • Yeah it's a good sign, but not definitive. 
  • @MadDoda Thankyou🙂 and i’ll wait till i start seeing a change in my temps this is my chart at the moment don’t think its looking too good i know theres not a lot of data at the moment xx
  • @MadDoda this is my chart xx
  • Looks normal, can't say anything else aTM tho. 
  • sorry to jump on the tail of this, but does anyone experience a real lack of ewcm or cm in general during their predicted fertile window? i might be going crazy but the more i learn and read, the less i feel i am producing an adequate or correct amount/type. thinking that's maybe why i haven't conceived yet...? i have nothing even close to what is pictured above!
  • @laurenxwilson there are lubes to help with that....they mimic fertile cm....i use Fertility Friend suggested by @Rachel.a21  who got pregnant while using it
  • Yes PreSeed is what I used and it worked for me the first month (it’s definitely not guaranteed to work first month, but I do feel that it helps)
  • will check it out. thanks, both!!!
  • yes not guaranteed.....this is my 5th month using it i believe but it boosts chances
  • i’m based in aus and preseed looks slightly harder to get a hold of than say a “first response conception friendly lube” same concept i’m assuming?
  • @laurenxwilson I was also having lack of EWCM for quite a long time until this month and even when i did get my EWCM it was only for a few hours. I also think the tablets i am taking seven seas trying for a baby helped me with my cm x
  • @laurenxwilson yes its the same but i ordered mine off amazon ......i think theres also food u can eat to boost cm quantity
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