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Hoping For A BFP In January <3 New Year New BFP - Part 3



  • Mama2be9Mama2be9 Regular
    edited Jan 23, 2020 2:12PM
    @Jtk96 little late responding bc I just caught up with this thread! I take Garden of Life Multi Prenatals and they’re organic and haven’t upset my system at all. I also take Prenatal DHA which is so important for brain development! Started taking them both 3 months before ttc and have been on them ever since with added vit d3 and calcium tablets since I’m lactose intolerant and not sure if I’m getting enough calcium in my food so taking a supplement just in case.
  • @MadDoda
    I am so sorry for what you have been through. I can't imagine what that feels like. I hope you can get some answers soon. 
  • MadDoda said:
    @Jtk96 there is no words that can help. I'm grateful for u care tho. I'm sure u will not experience this, it's rare, you have enough trouble whileth ur cycle, but I hope u rly did ovulate this time.
    If I decide I stop trying, I will go and close the tubes. There will be no accidents and no trying ever again. 

    @swithr I know why I'm mcing I don't need dr for that, I need meds, but if I'm right about everything then meds may not help. If I'm partially right, then there is hope meds will help. I have a child, I rather be happy about this miracle than destroy my soul and family with this misery. I will see how app goes, but right now I Am not sure if I even want a child.
    I agree ruining your happy family life with this isnt worth it.... take a break for a while and then take a decision in a calm frame of mind
  • @SwithR ohhh I'm so hopeful for you. 

    @revbomb it's nice to see you. Hope you are feeling ok and can return to us soon.

    @Lonestar I'm so happy to hear there isn't an issue. Now nothing but positive thoughts moving forward 💜

    @jtk96 you're still in with a chance. I always worry if we didn't BD a lot, but the other ladies always remind me that they have gotten pg with BD 4 days before OV. Fingers crossed

    @Mama2be9 how are you doing?
  • Jtk96 said:
    @Wishingforbaby3 @Emmy012
    Yep I am fine. I think I ovulated yesterday so I'll have to wait and see how my temp is tomorrow. However Bae has been gone for 4 days to only bd 4 days ago, so not sure how much of a chance I have of getting pregnant. 

    @Lonestar oh... I'm sorry that they couldn't figure anything out. However maybe it's just your cycles just acting crazy, the body does that sometimes. What does this mean for you and him? 

    @Jtk96 honestly I have no idea, but I am confident I ovulated yesterday or today, so just keep calm and carry on, will be go the doc in 10ish days for complete result and talk next steps, or I may be going pregnant who knows ! 

    @PinkSnow410 hopes so 🤞 feels good atm to go in to this tww knowing that this is entirely possible even though this bean has taken 22 months already!! Maybe it’s the news I needed for it to happen, we will see ❤️
  • @MadDoda 💜hugs💜
  • morning beauties (evening).... 5DPO over here <3 feeling alright though <3 pretty calm......thinking about not testing but i know that i wont be able to not test.....seem less tired today but woke up nauseous.....progesterone is kicking my butt lol <3

    hope everyone is well <3 
  • @Catlady220 hi love, I'm refusing to buy any tests again. I'll only test if AF is late. Stay calm, you've got this though. 
    I'm hoping for a normal cycle and an ov before CD20 would be nice, am I asking for too much? 😂
  • @Mama2be9 that's good, thank for the information. I just ordered garden of life, just have to Google what it's missing so that I can add the other supplements to it.

    @PinkSnow410 aww thanks, yeah I know some women get lucky or just have odd timing and get pregnant anyway. I hope it works out but I don't wanna think positive.

    Ah ok I understand, that's good then 😊 then I wish you baby dust and let's see what happens 😘 
  • Thanks ladies, I changed a lot over last few months. I really want to be happy again.  

  • Hey all. Been TTC for 3-4 months. AF is 8 days late as of today. Took a home pregnancy test and got a BFN 3 days ago. Have been super hungry and super tired all the time for the past 2 weeks. Nausea has come in waves, and I've had some cramping, but it feels more like someone is pulling in my uterus than it does normal AF cramps. Also having a bit of breast tenderness now. Going to the OBGYN Tuesday the 28th, but thinking maybe I should go to the fam dr sooner? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • @PinkSnow410 hi dear!! I’m doing well! Hit week 15 this past Tuesday and my belly is starting to pop out now that the bloating is gone, which has been fun! Had to buy some bigger fleece lined leggings and some maternity sweaters and flowing tops to be more comfortable. Feeling really tired this week. Sleeping a lot. Other than that, feeling good! How are you? 🌺
  • @Jtk96 I totally understand not wanting to think positively. I did that last cycle to give myself a break. It was needed. Still keeping everything crossed for you.

    @Mama2be9 awe that's so exciting! Sucks to be so tired, but it's so awesome to be able to start to see the baby bump 😍 I'm good, just waiting on afs departure and getting excited for my Mexico trip in a few weeks. Working extra lately to pay off debt and staying busy is a nice distraction
  • Think I am 1dpo today. Just waiting for further temp rises to confirm. Tww here I come. 
  • @FlossyLZ we maybe cycle buddies, but I'm almost sure I ovulated this morning. 
  • @FlossyLZ @MadDoda im gonna join you! I think I ov yesterday ior was it today 🤔 will soon find out I’m early this month so excited to have a tww rather than 1 1/2 lol 
  • @MadDoda
    Happy to have cycle buddies 😃
    I hope this is our cycle

  • @Emmy012 oh I still have hcg strips from opk 1st box......and I know right.....I oved cd20 this cycle n I was like THANK YOU
  • I had such a vivid bad dream last night  .... I dreamt that I got a negative, my thyroid was off the charts and that my HSG showed blocked tubes... I've tried being so positive all cycle and to wake up to this is so disturbing 
  • @SwithR it was just a dream hun hugs
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