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Hoping For A BFP In January <3 New Year New BFP - Part 3



  • @SwithR it was just a dream hun hugs
    I really hope so!
  • @SwithR I've had crazy dreams too but the ladies here assure me that dreams are meaningless don't let it get to u bc u don't need that stress
  • Morning ladies! Cd2 here :) I've been a bit quiet as my sister is back from holiday so no longer getting the train in a morning with the available 15 minute catch up time 🙈 Getting at is a bit naf but sleeping like an absolute DREAM. Oh my god. About 6 days until fertile week 🤞 Oh and another good thing - I swear af is getting stronger. I know this seems silly, but I have fears that 10 years on mirena damaged my cycles (have mentioned this before), but each month I feel more hopeful that my womb can carry a baby. Anyway - new cycle new hope 🤞❤️
  • train alone***!!
  • Finally went back up! 9dpo.  I’m sure it’ll be back down in a few days though ready for AF on Wednesday  🙈

  • Butsie185Butsie185 Regular
    edited Jan 24, 2020 7:52AM
    Morning ladies how are you all doing? 

    I'm 9 dpo today with AF due on Wednesday. Have bought a thermometer so I can start bbt from my next cycle if this one isn't successfull. Still feeling very tired and sick with cramping too but not getting any hopes up. 
    We have decided to try in Feb but skip match it we aren't successful as we already have one Christmas baby! 
  • Butsie185Butsie185 Regular
    edited Jan 24, 2020 7:54AM
    @SR19 we are cycle buddies! 
  • @Butsie185 yey!! Unfortunately I don’t have much hope these days but I still countdown 😊 

    haha I know what you mean about a xmas baby! Practically my whole family is born around Dec/Jan or May so that would not be good.
  • morning beauties
  • @ginajolly90
    That's good that your keeping your hopes up. Also good to have distractions so your not always thinking about it. 😘

    @SR19 ah ok, see it went back up, just look at silimar charts like yours on FF.

    Ah ok, 9dpo you could technically start testing if you wanted. 
    Or just want Untill after af is due 

    This is my chart 

  • @Jtk96 its sooo tempting but I'm going to wait until next week at least. With my DS I was 5 days past AF before I got a positive so will wait a few more days. 
  • @Butsie185 I agree, I wouldn’t and don’t test unless af is late. Saves second guessing etc. 😊

    @Jtk96 I’m ok with it going up and down etc aslong as I did ov I’m happy. The last thing I needed was no ov. 
  • morning beauties
    How are you doing? 
  • @HarunaSky do you take your temperature? Do you know when you ovulated? Because if you don’t take temps then you don’t know for sure, so may not be late at all. Hopefully it’s good news anyways! fx
  • @Butsie185
    Yeah I can imagine, it's probably very hard. 
    Better to wait so the results are accurate. 

    @SR19 I totally get it, I have been on a long cycle right now. So just hope I actually did ovulate now. 
  • Hi, 1dpo

  • @MadDoda you ovulate on CD 11? That's very early 
  • @Madoda CD11 my old friend 😂
  • @Jtk96 I ovulate at different day each cycle Coz of mcs, between cd10-19 so far. It's very early I know, my body is like eggs popping machine.

    @RememberToBreathe what do u mean? 
  • It's not that early. Average is CD 14. I know @MadDoda has worried about egg maturity but it's really not that early... Keeping everything crossed for you ladies
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