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Hoping For A BFP In January <3 New Year New BFP - Part 3



  • AF arrived .... another failed IUI.... don't know how much more disappointment I can take 
  • @SwithR oh hun I'm sorry 😔 I know you had your hopes up. Don't be upset, maybe it just takes time for treatment to work. If your not convinced maybe try another treatment. 😘 Hang in there, it will happen ❤️
  • I'm so sorry @SwithR 💗
  • I am sorry to hear that @SwithR. X
  • Hello, ladies  :) I’ve been reading this thread and I see that quite a few of you tracking your BBT. It’s my first month tracking so I’m still very new at this and wanted to get some advice from you. I got a positive OPK on CD16 and it looks like it peaked very fast! According to FF I ovulated on CD17 but looking at this chart it seems like my temp started rising very slowly and I thought that it should be more like a spike? So I’m just wondering If I have actually ovulated? If I am a slow riser, could this impact my chances of conceiving? Also I’m wondering if there is any correlation between how fast LH peaks and how fast progesterone rises after ov. It will be interesting to see what my temperatures will be like next few days but was wondering If anyone  could have a look at my chart? Thank you 🙂

  • @ellie325 welcome! Ur chart is fine, some ppl get a slow temp rise, it doesn't matter because there is no direct correlation between P levels and temp. The way ur temp acts is very individual. As long as u have double pattern with shift at ovulation day, then ur ovulating just fine. Lh is just a egg release trigger has nothing to do with the way follicle will perform. And progesterone is released by corpus outrun which is a leftover from follicle ovum was in. So there is nothing for you to worry about. If your temp will stay the way it is now, its fine, it will fluctuate, but single temps have no meaning, Just overall pattern. 
  • @ellie325 you are also looking at af about cd32. Fingers crossed it will not arrive.
  • @MadDoda thank you so much! It’s very helpful to know this🙂 My cycle length is usually 33-34 days and last couple months I got my positive opk on CD18 and CD19 so like you said this cycle is going to be few days shorter! 
  • @Ellie325 your always welcome. There is small chance ff is wrong and u ovulate at cd18 since u had ur peak in the evening. So take this into account when u will be further in ur tww. When u temp ur first cycle u still don't have enough data to be sure about details, but it should be clearer soon enough x
  • @MadDoda yeah, I’ve noticed that I always get my peak in the evenings so now I only test once a day. Also, do you take your temp orally? I’ve started doing orally but ppl say that vaginally is more accurate? During the day when I measured twice orally and twice vaginally just to see the difference, I noticed that 2 temperatures that I took vaginally were exactly the same and it wasn’t the case when I’ve done it orally. But does that even matter? Like you said we are looking for patterns?
  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Jan 25, 2020 12:59PM
    @Ellie325 most of us do orally, it's been always accurate enough for me. You can measure during the day, it's meaningless. If u want to it vaginally, but I never seen a need To. I have very high success rate. Btw I'm 2dpo so ur cycle buddy.
  • @MadDoda ok, I think I’ll just keep doing orally then. Thanks, hun x
  • @SwithR sorry to hear that you AF has arrived... nothing I can say will make the disappointment less so sending some hugs. 

    Ladies - I have question. My bbt thermometer has just arrived. Can i start recording my temp from tomorrow or should I wait until day 1 of AF - hopefully it wont arrive but I'm planning for an another cycle.

  • @Butsie185
    I would wait till the start of your cycle cause it won't be able to detects how many dpo you are right now. 
    However it's up to you, at least you'll have an idea of what your temperature is like during dpo and what it drops to during AF ( if it comes) 
  • @Butsie185 I think you should start asap, it will give u some data, for example when ur temp drops for af.
  • Thank you for the love and support  everyone
  • @SwithR I’m so sorry can’t imagine how you feel right now! Love to you ❤️ Look after yourself! 

    Hi guys, I’m plodding along and enjoying some time with hubby!  ov confirmed, chart and cycle so different to what I am used to let’s see if my lp changes 

  • @Jtk96 i was just more calm this cycle.....only did one opk a day, didnt stress over temp pattern, made sure hubby was fully ready for BD and told him the days of BD ahead of time......basically just mentally prepared myself better <3

    @SwithR so sorry hun

    @Ellie325 with that high of a peak n ur steady rise u definetly oved <3
  • update on my 7DPO.....woke up feeling crappy ......kinda feels like a cold which i tend to get snifflies during the TWW but ugh does it suck......
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