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  • 3 dpo today. Felt a bit crampy this morning, which is odd for me as I rarely get cramps even during AF. Just really trying to keep calm. I am suffering a lot of stress at work for the past few days, which isn't helping, as if 9 month of ttc isn't stressful enough. I am beginning to feel like I will need a whole truck load of baby dust to get me pregnant.
  • Ok I need I think I slept with my hands under my chest last night bc my chest is sore n stiff and feels funny n heavy.....normally I would do CBD when this happens.....I'm 7dpo any suggestions or do u think the CBD wouldn't affect much
  • @Catlady220 it’s better to be safe than sorry, what about a walk to clear your chest with fresh air or lavender oil instead? 
  • @Catlady220 I use CBD and I have chosen not to use it whilst TTC, I don't think it would be an issue, but there isn't enough research into use with pregnancy so I have just chosen not too - just my personal choice. 

    Is anyone left to test this month? AF due in Wednesday for me, I don't think im pregnant despite having a number of symptoms over the last week. 

    Hows everyone else doing? 
  • Good morning.

  • Hi everyone, just seen this new thread. 

    @Butsie185, my last AF came on the 28th December so will be due mine soon. I have not been off the pill long enough to know my cycle length accurately though. Had an unproductive month ttc this month so looking forward to next cycle now x
  • I won't be testing until Feb. I am only 4dpo so I have got a while to wait yet. If I do test, it is usually around 12dpo. 
  • I am 4 DPO as well, so like @FlossyLZ I might be testing at 12 DPO.  

  • Someone made me Feb topic! 
  • Morning all :) CD9! Not sure how that passed so quickly :) we have made an app at fertility clinic for Feb 11th so if not pregnant in Feb it’s IVF 😩😔going over to me Feb lol will check back here too just in case there is any BFP x
  • I am 4 dpo too 😊 so it @Lonestar
  • So many of us at same point in tww, that's fun.
  • Is there a F* me Feb thread now?
  • @Emmy012 well it's not called exactly that xd
  • 😂
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone 🤞
  • My bad guys for f**k me feb 😂 glad you like the name, I haven’t created the thread tho! I’m 4dpo joining you all for testing first week of feb!
  • Yeah haha that would be a weird title. 

    Yeah funny we are all the same dpo haha. 

    How do you guys feel about this cycle?
    I BC 4 days before OV so idk how likely it is that I will get a positive. Has anyone had sex 5-4 days before and gotten pregnant? 
  • ok guys need some advice pepto ok to take during the tww bc ive had indegestion or what i think is indegestion for the past 2 days.....i googled in n acid reflux pops up too.....ive never had acid reflux so idk what thats like.....but the middle like in between my breast hurts on the inside and my chest is tight....
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