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Pregnacare has stopped monthly cycle

First month trying for baby no. 2
With our first our baby was born with a rare condition. I felt early after we started trying that I felt pregnant so I started to take pregnacare before I even knew for sure I was pregnant. I feel it was me trying to protect the baby as early as possible. Turns out I was too eagar and I'm not pregnant. Done 5 tests and all are negative. I'm gutted as it would have been the best timing for us as a family. But atleast we know as a family we are so ready to expand. My main problem is I haven't had my period yet and I'm 4days late. I feel its because of the pregnacare reading old comments. I stopped them but now worried it's messed my cycle. I'm never late and so annoyed at myself. Should I go to doctors or keep waiting. Will it come back itself? Anyone have experience or in the same boat? 


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    Hello @DMC19 I sadly do not have the answer to this but am in a similar situation. I have been taking folic acid and am starting to worry that's why cycle is so long. I came off pill in Nov and it took 42 days for first period. I'm now dc40 and period is yet to appear. It could be the pill still leaving everything in the air but I too have read about these supplements making cycles longer 🙄 it's a mind field 😳😳

    It could just be late ovulation or stress making your cycle a bit longer. It could be that you are pregnant and too early to pick it up. If it's not here and a week has passed you could make contact with gp. Sorry I'm not more help. If you find out more about the supplements please let me know 😊
  • When I was taking pregnacare I was 3-5 days late few cycles till I stopped taking them. After a month or two it went back to normal. Just my experience. But your af should come as it shouldn’t stop your period. Good luck xx
  • Thank you all. My period came today in the end. Was 5days late which is unusual but could have been the pregnacare but atleast back on track now. Might stay off pregnacare because don't want it to keep delaying when trying.xx
  • Thanks @Latte96 I appreciate that. I know it's important to take these supplements but I'll lost my mind if my cycle is this long every month. Dc 40 is a joke 😭 

    @DMC19 really glad af came and you can relax 😊
  • This is the first time I have heard of this. Why would it delay AF? I ask because I had a really funny cycle last month where I ov on cycle day 20 instead of my usual cycle day 15/16. I had started some new pregnancy vitamins  at the time (although not pregnacare.... A different brand, but perhaps similar content?) 
  • @FlossyLZ I know I had never heard of this before either. But then I read in a thread someone said 'take pre care vitamins as long as it doesn't have folic acid in it'. And I thought that was strange and I looked it up and there was research done on how people experienced marginally or in some cases much longer cycles because of folic acid intake. I know it's important  to take these kind of supplements but I couldn't bear 40 day cycles or more through the ttc journey.

    Yours might just be coincidence but right not on CD 41 I'm getting pretty pissed off! 
  • Yeah I really think it was because there was folic acid intake in the vitamins. I am gutted, if I knew before hand I would have avoided them in preparing to conceive. On my first it happened straight away. For my second it's taking longer. Been 2months now and if I am lucky enough to be pregnant next month it'll fall around same time my first was born. I know it doesn't matter but I kind of wished it happened earlier just that they would have seperate birth months. But I know next month isn't definite either. Main thing is having a healthy child.
    Anyone else think like that!! 🙈
  • I started taking pregnacare in November before conception pills and didn’t have a period until this week since then, I was due on in December, when it was late I stopped taking them.
  • @Katt26 when you stopped how long did it take for your period to arrive? Am I being irresponsible in thinking I want to stop these vitamins now... 😭@DMC19 are you going to stop the pregnacare now? 
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 my cycle is normally 28-30 days and that one was 62 days. 
  • @Katt26 was that after coming off contraceptive pill too or just from taking these tablets alone? 62 days is ridiculous. I'm CD 41 and it's so upsetting xx
  • I came off the pill last June and my cycles had just become normal in sept ranging between 28-30 days then started taking pregnacare in November that’s when it messed my cycle up :( I took so many tests even had a really faint line with a sainsburys own but turns out that was a horrible indent 
  • @Katt26 I'm sorry to hear that. Those indents are heartbreaking. Hopefully your cycles will settle and then when you get pregnant you can start taking the right supplements. Because 2 month cycles are going to drive you mad. Its a very difficult situation. I'm Still in 2 minds about what to do...! 
  • I started taking pregnacare about the 8th jan and I’m now on CD42 and no period yet. How can something like this lengthen cycles it makes no sense?! My cycles range between 34 and 41 days as it is and thi is the longest cycle I’ve had in 18 months of tracking. I feel like I should stop taking all vitamins. Loads of people get pregnant without taking vitamins. I just want a normal cycle 
  • @JazzyJ321 I feel your pain. I am CD43 and I am going mad. I don't know whether to stop the vitamins or not. My cycles before being on birth control were 26 days. I was only on birth control for 4 months. I have now been off it nearly 3 months and have only had one period. I started the folic acid pills one month ago and I really believe they are the reason I have still had not Period :(
  • this is my 3rd time taking pregnacare, took it with my first 2 pregnancies which ended in MC, but its never affected my cycles x
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 I’m going to stop taking them. I hope I get my period Soon and I can start afresh 
  • @Amnx I am so sorry to hear about your 2 MCs. That must have been so difficult for you. Hopefully the 3rd time round you will have a happy and healthy 9 months. Maybe folic acid just reacts differently with different people I guess. @JazzyJ321 I hope for you you get your period soon also and for me too, haha!!!
  • Thankyou, and yeah i hope so. 
    Yeah it could be that!xx
  • I dare not stop the vitamins at the moment. I know how important folic acid is in pregnancy. A few years ago I was found to have very low levels in my blood. It was thought at the time that I don't absorb folic acid well, as all my other vitamins that were tested came back as good levels. I have taken folic acid since, admittedly not consistently but since ttc I have taken it daily. My levels are in the normal range (tested recently) and I want to keep it that way. Probably wasn't the vitamins responsible for my unusual cycle last month. 
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