Streak of blood a day after sex?

Hi Ladies,

So I've been ttcing for a while and this never happened to me. 

on the 20th we had sex on the PM and the next day (21st afternoon) I had some clear discharge with specks of blood. on the 22nd - 23rd it had slowly turn to light brown cm. 

But we were scheduled ( i know right..) to have sex on the 23rd. So we did it on the PM. 
and right after that i had some small bright red spot with cm. on the 24th afternoon I had clear cm mixed with bright red blood.  only when I wipe. 

I'm wondering if this is from the sex? does it last for days? DH did make sure he reached the cervix as per the Obgyn advice. and it did kind of hurt when he did it. 

Thanks Ladies and Baby dust to all!


  • It sounds like it’s from having sex 
  • If it continues, I would suggest to consult your doctor. Blood after sex is not ideal. Just check if you are ok xx
  • thank you ladies. :) I actually just went for a check up in december. Did a pelvic exam and ultrasound and everything looked perfectly normal. So hopefully this will subside soon . the Dr also mention that it could be pre ovulation / ovulation bleeding. 

    Anyway thanks for the response. Really appreciate them 🥳
  • Hi Ladies

    Just to update this. The spotting blood stopped in 12 hours. had brown spotting for a day and that's it. Super relieved that it's over! 

    now on with the ttc..
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