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Really confused!

So we’ve been casually ttc for roughly about 4 months now trying for baby no.3. Haven’t been tracking ovulation or anything. I’ve always tracked period on an app which is always spot on and I should of been due on 6th jan so coming up to 3 weeks on Monday and it never came. I’ve had mild cramps almost daily ever since and took a few tests in the first few weeks which were all negative so was starting to think it was a missed period which I’ve never had! Then yesterday I was feeling really weird so thought I’d take a test which came back a faint positive (I took a few and all the same). Took another one this morning and again very faint - possibly not as strong as yesterday’s although hard to tell! Then I went to the toilet before and now I’ve got brown spotting. 

Has anyone had this? Thinking it’s more than likely a missed miscarriage but it’s just so weird? I’ve had two miscarriages before but a few years ago now and they both started off brown blood but both time’s I was 8 weeks. 

Thinking about it last night and I thought possibly it could of been a missed period on the 6th then I’ve ovulated early and the faint line could of been an early bfp, but now after the blood I’m just confused!
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