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Day By Day ( To Celebrate The Little Things <3 )

hey everyone <3 so i figured id make a group to celebrate the lil things <3 i know TTC is hard and somedays u dont even want to get out of bed and perform ur science experiment on ur body for the day :/ so i wanted to make a group where we can share positive vibes about everything going on <3 feel free to share any lil thing u are proud of <3

A little about me: Im from Ohio,USA <3 im 23 and married (hes 26) <3 we are trying for our first <3 we started in aug and recently had a miscarriage :( which as depressing and life shattering that was we learned that my husband is able to have children which we were so worried about for the longest since he only has one testi <3 but were ready to get back on board the TTC journey <3 

My little things: recently i started taking prenatals and actually eatting breakfast which i havent done in years <3 it gives me more energy through out the day <3 AND i gave up fast food <3 and started my first meditation today <3


  • Hey @Catlady220

    Good idea to start a thread like this. I really need to take a step back and take each day as it comes.

    I'm so sorry again that you have had a loss, but I am glad that you and your hubby feel more positive now you know it can happen. That's how we felt.

    I am thankful today that I had a good day at work and starting to feel more comfortable with them, and starting to believe they will be happy when I so fall pg 💗
    I have also been trying mindfulness as my AF hasn't returned yet since stopping BC
  • Great idea @Catlady220!! 

    Today I am thankful that my excruciating ovulation pain is over, that I managed to do some yoga and that I made these bad boy fajitas for tea...

  • <3 soooooo happy u guys joined <3 i really thought ppl would think its lame but i soooo need this <3

    @SunshineB how long have u stopped the BC ????? im sure itll come back soon with a good egg for ov <3

    @kasaelee35 u are sooooooo good at doing make up lol i never wear make up but i look sooo different when i do

    @RememberToBreathe those look yummy <3 
  • @RememberToBreathe that looks amazing for tea!!!

    @kasaelee35 I love make up too and my daughter (15) adores it!!!

    @Catlady220 nothing lame about it! I love the idea!

    @SunshineB glad you’ve had a good day. 

  • @Rachel.a21 <3 hun u can post in here <3 this group isnt about just TTC its about taking everything day by day and the lil accomplishments that go unnoticed during TTC <3 i know me and @kasaelee35 would be happy to see ur lil baby bump <3 she was so supportive when i found out i was pregnant <3
  • @EmJ3 thanks <3 just felt we all needed more positivity <3 everyone is welcome to join <3
  • My positive for today is that we got a snow day from school! Our first one this year and on a Friday 😁😁
  • @Rachel.a21 <3 yay <3 i wish i got a snow day off work but nope <3 were outside rain snow or shine <3
  • It will be six weeks on Monday @Catlady220 . I have been tracking BBT but it's annoying me now lol temp for last few days has been up and down like a yoyo 😂 just want it to do decide what it's doing.

    @kasaelee35 I love make up on other people, I'm no good at it! I'm more into my nail art.

    @RememberToBreathe glad the pain has eased and they look yummy!! 

    Thank you @emj3 hope your day was good 

    Yay for snow day on a Friday!! Lol best day for it 

  • @SunshineB i heard it takes awhie to go back
  • When I came off last time @Catlady220 it was just under 6 weeks. I was hoping it would be the same or less, with me taking BC for a much shorter time but that could have messed things up more I guess. X
  • My little thing today is ... I haven’t cried today! Might not seem a lot but progress

  • I 💖 these. And I think they’re true!🥰🥰🥰xx
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  • I’m glad we all found each other and I am glad we all have people to talk to with out judgment 
  • Yeah its lovely, no judging here @Lonestar 💗 we are here to help support each other 😊

    Love those @EmJ3
  • I'm continuing to drink my water like I was n make me a healthier me for the baby......I just gotta find a way to make my morning better n my day at work easier
  • I always struggle with drinking the recommended amount of water a day 😩😩 I’m not a big drinker as it is, so I feel like all I do is chug water all day lol 
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