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Going mad with baby fever

Hi all 
so I’m desperate for another baby to the point I actually cried on the way home from school pickup the other day when I saw one of the mums was pregnant. Logically, for us to have another (3rd) baby it wouldn’t make sense. But my husband won’t use condoms and I can’t go on birth control so we are relying on the pull out method which every month makes me feel there could be a chance. My husband doesn’t understand what this does to my emotions as we aren’t TTC. 
This month, I am two days late and I have period symptoms, but heightened tenfold - my sense of smell, backache, irritability is ridiculous this month. I just nipped to the pharmacy and picked up a HPT, and it was negative, although I’m trying to convince myself of a second line. It honestly wouldn’t make sense to have a baby now, but seeing the negative test is absolutely killing me. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Feel like I’m going mad on my own. tia xx


  • You are not alone!! My husband and I did the pull out method for almost 3 years and I always hoped that I would be pregnant but it never happened. We also have 2 little ones. Men dont seem to understand how heartbreaking it is emotionally for women. 
  • Thank you ❤️ It really is. I wish he would have the snip but he won’t consider it because every month it messes with my head. I’ve just got AF and I’m sat here in tears again. Silly really. 
  • I really feel for you, I can't imagine how that much play on your emotions every month.

    However... and I really want you to read this in a caring tone because that is how it's intended. It is 100% your choice and you don't have to continue accepting this from your partner. You can chose to abstain until your partner agrees to form of contraception that works for both of you. 

    Also, there are other forms of none hormonal female contraception available that you could use in combination with withdrawal? Perhaps that would help you avoid feeling like this each month? In particular I'm wondering if a contraceptive diaphragm and spermicide could be a good option?
  • Hi my lovely. Thank you. I need to sit down and talk with my husband tonight and tell him all of this. If he knew how upset I was getting I’m sure he’d be upset as well. Thank you for tour advice it is so well received x
  • @Makeamummy do u want a baby??????? have u told him????
  • You need to start talking to your husband. Communication is key you cant keep expecting to get pregnant just like that. I'm sure if you love each other there should be some solution or you both will be able to agree on trying for a baby.
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