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Has anybody experienced anything similar?

Has anybody ever had a dark rusty red/brown colored period?  I just got off mine and it lasted six days and was light in the beginning and end. Enough for a pad, I’d say heavy at times. I usually only have light pink and bright red and I’m pretty sure this one arrived a few days early. No sore breasts at all  but front and back cramps? I’ve never had a period without sore breasts. If it’s wasn’t for the prolonged cramps, I wouldn’t have thought I was going to get my period. Tried searching online but can’t seem to find anything relatable. Experiencing more front cramps in low pelvis today, day after period ended. Has anybody had this? Normal or not normal?


  • Anybody? Having cramps again today and clear eggwhite like discharge. Not as stretchy as ovulation but still water and stretchy. Before period I had cloudy egg white discharge. Only dried up here and there but I’d still get a lot randomly.  
  • Do you think you might be pregnant? Did you ovulate about 10ish days ago? Could be implantation bleeding! Wait a few more days, see if you are still bleeding. If you only bled for 1-2 days and then it stopped, you might have experience implantation -  and take a pregnancy test around the day of your next period. If you do end up bleeding for more than 2 days then probably just a period. Sometime my periods would have a darker color on the first day but then goes to more bright red.
  • I think I ovulated some time around the 23rd-25th of January. I had tons of egg white cervical mucas for those three days so not sure if it hit before or after. It was more than I’ve ever had before. Afterwards it didn’t dry up just continued on and off then my monthly began. I bled for six days. Faint the first day and yesterday. Last time I was pregnant, I had a five day light period but it was an off color. Kind of like now but this one was a little heavier and lasted longer. I tested positive a few weeks later.  I’m not sure what’s going. Wondering if I need to see my doctor, I just had a baby on November 8th.
  • Oh and mine didn’t really have bright red. I only saw it maybe two times with a little more red. Is was a rust red. Looked almost brown and some of it was brown. It started brown and ended brown.
  • Oh, if you just had a baby in November maybe your body is still recovering...I cant really help out with this I haven't given birth so I'm not sure what to expect. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  • Thank you for responding I truly appreciate it! Yes, I wonder if that’s what’s going on. I had my first actual period after birth and it was a normal one. I believe it was January 3rd-11th. Not sure what happened with this one. 
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