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Weird O symptoms - anyone relate?

My husband and I decided to try for baby #2 in January, but I was due for AF at that time, and had to wait until O this month (Feb). I usually have an average 28 day cycle, and can usually tell when I'm ovulating by cramps and CM. I usually ovulate around CD 14. Every once in a while I'll have a shorter or longer cycle. Well, my period started on January 30th and ended Feb 3rd. 5 days later (CD 10) I started feeling crampy and bloated, now I'm on CD 16 and still feeling crampy and bloated. I had EWCM yesterday and today. I've never been so confused about when or if I've ovulated. I've never tracked ovulation before, maybe I should start. I was really hopeful for this month, but now I feel like I'm out and will have to wait until next month. Husband and I DTD on CDs 12,13, and 15. Hoping to add 16 or 17 to that. TWW is gonna drive me insane. Can anyone relate to having such a weird ovulation experience? Anyone else just starting their TWW and want to keep each other company? Lol
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