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Looking For Some Hope After MC

Hi guys <3 u guys may have seen me in other threads <3 but im looking to hear some success stories about getting a BFP after an MC....i just had an MC on Feb 3 and i just wanna see others who got their BFPs quickly long after???


  • Hey sweetie how are you holding up? 
    Before we had our son (whose now 3) it took us 6 months to get pregnant and then we miscarried at 7 weeks. We then got pregnant again 2 months later and now have our beautiful boy ☺️ 
    Everyone is different but don’t give up hope, you will get your beautiful baby 😘 xx
  • @MillP awww <3 did u ttc both months???
  • @Catlady220 yes we did xx
  • @MillP <3 ugh i hope im as lucky as u.....i saw a girl named i think tory in the how you feeling thread got pregnant the month after and maddoda too and i think emj3 but i feel like its too good to be true for me......i havent oved yet but ii usually dont this early n opk seems to be working its way up
  • I found out I was pregnant may 2018, but unfortunately has a mc June 2018 at 7 and a half weeks. One of the hardest things I ever went through. We started ttc again right away and exactly 5 months to the day of my mc I found out that I was pregnant again. I now have a very healthy almost 8 month old baby boy. Good luck hun.
  • @Mom2alexis that's how long it took me to get pregnant with my angel I hope it doesn't take that long this time
  • Hey, i first of all wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss 😘 miscarriage is so hard physically and emotionally xxx 
    i miscarried my first pregnancy at 11weeks, and fell pregnant again 2 months later with my beautiful daughter who is now 18 months old so there definitely is hope ❤️ 
    One of my closest friends sadly had 3 miscarriages but has a beautiful baby boy now ❤️
    Wishing you all the luck xxx
  • @Kirstyapps thanks <3 first month back was a no fx for second month
  • Hi, so sorry to hear of everyone's losses, I had a mc back in September at only 6 weeks, I was currently onto my 6th month of trying again, and got these tests this morning at 10dpo... I'm really hoping this is a good sign as last time I didnt even get a squinter of a line until 14dpo, and it was very very faint and I had been spotting for 2 days before I got a positive, then unfortunately miscarried a week later..I've had no spotting this time so really hoping for the best, I hope you get your rainbow baby very soon, sending lots of love to you all xx
  • @BeckyL24 amazing news congratulations! Wishing you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

    I'm currently cd13 after a MC at the end of feb, no signs of Ov yet so just a waiting game to see when it will arrive. How were you cycles affected after your MC? 
  • Aw I am so sorry to hear that, sending hugs.. i only bled for 10 days with the miscarriage, had my first period 5 weeks later but ever since my periods have been very light and no clots since, this month I got a positive opk at cd 16 which is way early for me but seems to have done the trick x
  • So I was 8+3 when i MC, I started bleeding on the Saturday and finished by the Tuesday and nothing since so it was over very quickly. I'm hoping that because it didn't drag on for ages that things should bounce back quickly, 6 days after MC my HGC was already back to 30. 

    Just a waiting game now, patience isn't a strength of mine! 
  • @BeckyL24 congrats hun <3
  • CD 17 for me, still waiting for OV which is now becoming annoying! I've been having middle cramps yesterday and today, potential ewcm today but we did BD last night so who knows. Apart from that nothing to report. 
    Here is my chart so far 

  • Hi all, so I went for my 12 weeks scan (I was 13 weeks) this was 30th Jan. There was no heart beat. This was our first baby and so upset. Docs said we’d lost it at 7 weeks 6 days so was a missed MC. I had the d&c 5 days later. I am now on cd62 and negative pregnancy tests. Getting impatient as we want TTC again. Is 62 days normal without a Period after D&C? I’ve rang the doctors 2 weeks ago and they didn’t seem too concerned I think with all the Coronavirus stuff my period isn’t a Concern of there’s. this is my first chat/forum I wanted to see what you guys thought??? 

  • Hey,

    How did your cycles look before? How long were they? What do you count as dc1? 
  • It only took me 3 months to conceive after being on the pill since I was 16. My average cycle was 39 days. I’d bleed for 4-5 days. I counted day 1 as the operation. I started bleeding prior to the operation as I had the tablet inserted as the first option but that didn’t work but bled. But counted from d&c 
  • @AyeeshaB sometimes ur cycles can be super long......have u ovulated yet?????
  • LittlesproutLittlesprout Regular
    edited Apr 2, 2020 4:10AM
    Okay based on your average cycle I’d say it’s to early to worry.

    When you go though the extreme painful process of misc. there’s physical and psychological trauma not matter how well you feel and you need to heal. I just had one and my witch is not back yet so can’t tell how long it will take. 

    Anyway, my doctor said it can take 5-6 (!) weeks, so it will be late and if your cycle is on the longer end, you’re somewhere around there now, or 2 weeks late on your normal cycle right? 

    Some women also spot very little or skip one cycle, so for you this might mean it’ll be back on day 78 or so (second mo). 

    I recommended wait a bit more, and buy some ovulation sticks there are cheap ones so you can try and pinpoint if you are ovulating, pee in the evening 20:00-00:00. Also book an appointment around day 80 with Gyno just in case if nothing is going on, go in earlier if you are in any pain! Try not to worry, I’m 99,9% you’ll be okay it just takes time. 

    Let us know how it goes. 

  • Thanks @Catlady220 I tried not to worry. I bought some cheap ovulation kits and did one 26th March @Littlesprout as I had really watery discharge but had a real faint 2nd line. Did them everyday since and the line got lighter so I think I might’ve ovulated last week some time which hopefully means AF is due soon! I’m nearly 3 weeks late. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Never looked forward to a period so much xx
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