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My last period was the first week of jan, and shortly after i came off the birth control pill - I took 2 Sainsbury's tests 4th of March and got 2 faint positives, but after taking a couple first response tests over the rest of the week they all both came up negative.
Despite this I took another Sainsbury's  test 23rd March and got a BFP! Double checked with the other test in the pack and sure enough a definite BFP, with a clear blue digi saying I conceived about 2-3 weeks ago. (4-5 weeks pregnant)
As I don't have a period to count how far along I am, I was wondering if the clearblue digi week results were reliable or not for you mums out there, or if you think I might be further along and those tests I took at the beginning of the month were positives.
Sorry for long post just so excited and was hoping someone might know a bit more lol.


  • I don't know anymore than you do and I'm sorry for that. 
    Congratulations mommy!! 
  • I have never used a digital but I would say it would be fairly accurate until you get your scan. Congrats!
  • If they say 2-3 weeks it means u are around 5 weeks x if u look at instructions it tells u how the weeks work x
  • Basically the instructions go from when u actually conceived ( about 10 -14 days from 1st day of last period) where as the docs will record u pregnant from 1st day of last period x so that why,if the test says 2-3 weeks then to the midwife u will be around 4-6 weeks x 
  • I hope that makes sense to u lol xxx
  • There are a lot of complaints online about the accuracy associated with the Clearblue week’s indicator, so do not take it too seriously.  It’s very difficult to do a ‘one size fits all’ approach to pregnant women’s hCG levels. The range is very broad!  

    But yes, I’d say it’s feasible to think your first tests were very early faint positives.  Were the negative First Response tests you took the Early Results ones?  If not, they just may not have been as sensitive as the Sainsbury’s tests. Surprisingly, the cheaper, own brand tests are often more sensitive than the big brand tests! If you really want to try and nail down your dates, you could wait a week and do another digital test.  If it clicks over to 3+, there’s a good chance you are 5+weeks.  Big congratulations however far along you are!  Those are strong positives! X 
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