Using ovulation test for pregnancy test

Hello, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months now. I am supposed to be getting af tomorrow, but I decided to take an ovulation test because I have read that the ovulation test can't tell the difference between lh surge and the hcg surge. And that the ovulation test can detect pregnancy before a pregnancy test. My pregnancy test today was negative. But 4 ovulation tests are positive. Can I be pregnant? Has anyone experienced a positive ovulation test before a positive pregnancy test? Thanks 


  • Here's the photos with black background. 
  • If the OPK was positive because of pregnancy, the pregnancy test would have been positive as well. When I had my positive OPK due to pregnancy, it was so dark that it stole the dye
  • Yeah I was hoping it was too early for the pregnancy test to detect a pregnancy. And of course it looks darker in person. 
    But you're probably right. 
    I will be checking tomorrow, especially if af doesn't show. I'm usually on time. 
  • This is intriguing, @AC-O!  What type of pregnancy test did you use?  Generally speaking, sensitive (10mUI) HPTs are more sensitive (and reliable) than OPKs (which are 20-40mUI) for detecting hCG.  But some HPTs are only 50mUI, so OPKs CAN be more sensitive than HPTs! 

    BUT, (here’s where the reliability factor comes in) a positive result on an OPK could mean a number of different possibilities - you are about to ovulate, you’re pregnant(yay!) ...or the test is picking up an entirely different hormone or element(boo hiss).  OPKs are not purified as well as HPTs are. They are more prone to faulty results, and positives do not always mean that either LH or hCG was detected. In other words... they’re simply cheaper, shoddier tests.

    Long story short... all you can do is test again, but it looks very promising.  I have my fingers crossed for you!  Please do let us know how you get on.  X
  • The brand name is cuckool.
    They detect 50 LH and 20 HGC.
    I really hope I'm pregnant. 
    Thanks for your input :) 
    I will give an update. 
  • Oh sorry! The ovulation test detects 50 and the pregnancy test is 20
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