I think my eyes are playing tricks on me

I took this yesterday afternoon. I am 40 and missed my period. A couple weeks ago I have some sore breast and brown spotting when I wiped. I thought it was weird I typically don’t have brown spotting unless it’s at the end of my period. I kept thinking my period was coming and then nothing. I have 3 daughters and had a tubal over 5 years ago. Do y’all see anything? Be honest please I’m freaking out a bit. I did call my dr and they said to take a test. It’s not likely but not impossible after a tubal and we don’t use anything.


  • I don’t see anything 
  • I'm having trouble seeing a line. But I know from experience it's harder to see when taking pictures. 
    If you think you see a line maybe take another test tomorrow. 
  • @SamanthaJane22, I sense you DO NOT really want a positive result here?  How late are you?  Is your cycle regular?  Generally, if you are genuinely late (even by just a day), that test should be easily visible by now.  Women spot for many different reasons, especially as we get older and our hormones fluctuate more and mess with our cycles.

    All you can do is test again, and I hope you get the outcome you want.  Whatever happens, we’re here if you need to chat or just freak out! X
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